CPF, certified by IPHA, affirming Covid-19-free safety for consumers

CPF, certified by IPHA, affirming Covid-19-free safety for consumers

Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF), has been recently certified by “IPHA - Industrial and Production Hygiene Administration”, affirming the organisation’s safety preventive measures against Covid-19 and assuring domestic and international consumers of the quality and safety of CPF products.

Siripong Arunrattana, Chief Operating Officer, Livestock Business, Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF), revealed: “CPF places great importance on food product safety and hygiene as well as production supply chains, and especially during this pandemic crisis. The company elevates safety standards to the highest level to protect staff, buildings, and production processes to boost confidence of consumers. Nine of CPF’s factories, including livestock factories, food processing factories, and instant food factories, are among the first group in the industry to receive the IPHA certification launched by the Federation of Thai Industries, along with the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Industry.”    

“CPF establishes strict measures for pandemic control management by allocating teams to counter Covid-19 in humans and animals under the company’s Covid-19 Control Directive Centre. The preventive measures framework covers safety and hygiene from upstream to downstream processes, where the entire operation can be tracked and traced at every stage,” said Siripong. 

IPHA certification is the new standard launched by three organisations, namely the Federation of Thai Industries, Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Industry. The criterions are set to provide certification for the premises upholding building control, production processes and staff in compliance with joint measures and hygiene standards as well as their determination in battling Covid-19. 

CPF has established frameworks for Covid-19 preventive measures in seven categories, including public health, preventive measures, purchasing, internal communications, public relations, government liaisons, and relief packages. All CPF measures are employee-centric, as the company is aware that staff safety leads to safe food production for consumers.    

CPF’s preventive measure framework focuses on 1. Food stability: Operating food manufacturing lines smoothly. 2. Supply chains and logistics: Collaborating with national state traffic authorities in case roads are closed due to lockdown so that transportation (from delivering raw materials to manufacturers and delivering food to consumers) can still proceed 3.) Disease preventive measures: Each measure is designated to establish working frameworks for domestic and international affairs. The company is prepared to purchase additional alcohol sanitizer and masks at any time and allow staff to work from home as well as granting a 14-day quarantine period after returning from overseas without leave allowance deduction.  

From the first outbreak onwards, CPF has remained committed to its responsibility to manufacture safe food for consumers continuously. As an advocate helping Thailand overcome the coronavirus crisis, CPF is contributing know-how in crisis preventive measures and management techniques to partners and the public.

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