SkinnyBets shares his insights on the evolution of the sports industry

SkinnyBets shares his insights on the evolution of the sports industry

Image Credit :  SkinnyBets
Image Credit : SkinnyBets

SkinnyBets, born and raised in Canada, is a well-known sports consultant. From a young age Skinny had an eye for sports. He was a huge fan of the NBA and WWE with his role models being Kobe Bryant and John Cena. Although he knew he did not have the skills to become an NBA player, Skinny still loved sports and this inspired him to become a world-renowned sports consultant.

According to Skinny, his passion and love for sports is what keeps him moving on. He believes that if you love something then it`s not a job and that`s why he aims at helping as many people as he can through sports.

The sports industry has undergone many changes through time, chief among them is cultural influence. Sports are no longer a standalone; they speak to popular cultural influences that have shaped society as a whole. According to SkinnyBets, many sport techniques have drawn influences from various cultures around the world and as a result, sports has now moved into the modern space.

Fashion evolution in the sports industry is another highlight that SkinnyBets has taken note of. Today, sports have the power to influence fashion trends and sports attire has become a fashion statement. The era of short shorts for most sports is long gone and been replaced by stylish ensembles.

Another part of the evolution that’s worth noting according to SkinnyBets is the increased opportunities for young people in colleges and schools. Sports has always been a large part of the world’s focus. However, more young people than ever are inspired to follow their dreams and talents in the sports industry these days. College drafts and sports scholarships have increased young people’s interest in entering the sports industry.

Meanwhile, it is hard to ignore the political influence that has seeped into the sports industry. Many professional athletes have used their influence to support causes and show their stand on political issues, with some running for office. Sports in politics is gaining momentum and politicians know that sports are a sure way to reach certain demographics.

Modern sports and business go hand in hand. Looking back at the history of business in sports, it is clear that the last half of the 20th century saw a massive integration of the two. Today, modern sports are often accompanied by sponsorships and the like as a way of boosting businesses.

The sports industry wasn’t always where it is today. Over time, the industry has weaved its way into the modern world and cemented its place. Having an interest in the sports industry as a sports consultant, SkinnyBets is excited to see where the industry goes next.

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