DOE drives human rights with new MoU

DOE drives human rights with new MoU

Suchart Pornchaiwisetkul, the Director-General of the Department of Employment (DOE) signed a memorandum of understanding on human rights support and protection with executive board members to drive human rights initiatives according to the 2021 fiscal plan launched by the Department of Employment.

Suchart Pornchaiwisetkul, DOE Director-General, revealed: “The Department of Employment commits to enabling access for the public from all walks of life to employment opportunities they deserve, whether through work capacity enhancement or work placement, according to each candidate’s qualifications.”

The DOE is prompted to grant protection for employment seekers to receive equal services as obliged by international standards in response to Suchart Chomklin’s mission directive No. 4 (2019-2022) of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand.

“The National Human Rights Commission of Thailand aims to resolve human rights violations at the national level more efficiently as well as promotimg supports and protections for Thai citizens to reach global standards. This is in accordance with the vision ‘acknowledging public awareness of their duties and encouraging them to gain humanitarian respect and justified protection. ’         

The Memorandum of Understanding covers agreement on five significant action points as follows:

1. Promoting and supporting the development of human rights knowledge among DOE employees.

2. Promoting and supporting collaboration in human rights four aspects : respecting, practicing, monitoring human rights violations and making resolutions.  

3. Developing human rights collaboration among government agencies, private sectors, and the public sector to take part in human rights support and protection.  

4. Providing recommendations for the unguarded public to receive equal rights in accordance with human rights principles along with employment seeker rights protection as well as foreign labour recruitment management.  

5. Practicing official tasks within a righteous framework without manipulating positions to take advantage or violate public human rights. 

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