An exclusive interview with leading entrepreneur and equestrian enthusiast Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer

An exclusive interview with leading entrepreneur and equestrian enthusiast Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer

Image Credit : Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer
Image Credit : Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer

In recent years, enterprising entrepreneurs have found investment opportunities and healthy profits within the equestrian industry. Currently leading the way in the equestrian entrepreneurial world is entrepreneur Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer. Ghadayer is an equestrian trainer who has trained horses for championships around the globe. We had the opportunity to talk to him in our exclusive interview below.

Q1. What drew you to the equestrian industry?

The rich culture and history of equestrian sports drew me to the industry. The Emirati culture and heritage are interwoven within camel and horse racing, and training and representing champion horses in international races makes me feel proud of my heritage.

Q2. What are your thoughts on the investment opportunities within the equine industry?

There is an antiqued idea that the only investment worth an entrepreneur’s time within the equestrian industry is the ownership of a champion racehorse. In reality, solely owning a racehorse comes with a lot of overheads including vet fees and training. The industry offers many other investment opportunities that are often overlooked, like investing in a stud farm.

Q3. Racing syndicates, which involve sharing the ownership and cost of a racehorse, have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Why do you think this is?

I think that racing syndicates are currently experiencing a lot of interest and attention because the concept brings the reality of owning a winning racehorse much closer for people who previously would not have had the available capital to consider it.

Q4. Digital nomadism is being predicted to be the biggest trend in the entrepreneurial world in 2021, would you agree with this prediction?

Absolutely! Digital nomadism describes working from anywhere in the world and being able to live a life in transit while still being plugged into your business. 2020 was a year that put this concept into action on a worldwide scale, and I think that the entrepreneurial world is better for it.

Q5. Finally, what advice would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Challenge yourself! As an entrepreneur, you are the one in charge of both your finances and your motivation. If you don’t challenge yourself and take risks then you will never truly be able to live up to your true potential.

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