1 Million & Counting: How Lifestyle Miami became the voice for all things 305

1 Million & Counting: How Lifestyle Miami became the voice for all things 305

Miami is a metropolis, a sprawling city with a famous skyline made up of sleek office tower blocks. In a large metropolitan city like Miami, you would not expect to find a close-knit community with a village mentality. But the 305 area code of Miami boasts a resource that has been building a close and supportive community within the city since 2014. That resource is Lifestyle Miami, a social media page that currently unites and invigorates the Miami community across Facebook and Instagram.

Lifestyle Miami currently has 1 million followers and counting on Instagram; it began as a social media page created to connect the people of Miami and contribute positively to the city. Lifestyle Miami acts as the voice of the Miami 305 area, engaging the community and keeping them informed about events and important goings-on. 

Over the years, Lifestyle Miami has organically grown exponentially. The page has teamed up with non-profit organisations to host charity events that have aided hurricane relief and raised funds for local animal shelters. The page looks for ways to help parts of the community that may otherwise be overlooked; the non-profit hurricane relief organisation that the page connected with; Aid for Dade, also provides the homeless of Miami with access to hot meals and showers.

When it launched in April 2014, Lifestyle Miami was one of the first social media pages to serve the city. It saw its reach and influence grow when it began to connect with local Miami businesses and act as a platform for them to promote themselves. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, free advertising on the platform has helped the city's small businesses survive the current global crisis. The symbiotic relationship between the community of Miami and the Lifestyle Miami page continues to grow as more and more people within the community connect with its message of helping the city and are moved to contribute to the cause. With further fundraising projects in development and their Instagram follower count on the rise, it's clear that Lifestyle Miami will continue to be a loud and hopeful voice for all things 305.

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