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Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand, 15th March 2021: CISW International Co., Ltd (Thailand) will hold a press release to announce the WCD 420 THAILAND 2021 event, which will be held on 19th - 20th, April 2021 at The Carlton Hotel, Bangkok Sukhumvit. The WCD 420 THAILAND 2021 event to celebrate 420 days since Thailand legalized cannabis and hemp for medical purposes in 2019.

On this special occasion we would like to invite those interested in participating in the WCD 420 THAILAND 2021 event to join us in celebrating the history and the wondrous efficiency of cannabis, which is not just for relaxation but has many medical benefits. 

On Monday, 19th April 2021 starting at 2.00 pm. – 10.00 pm. Celebration and Networking

On Tuesday, 20th April 2021 starting at 8.00 am. – 6.00 pm.  Seminar

19th – 20th April 2021 booth exhibition (2 days)

WCD 420 THAILAND 2021 is now open for registration, please visit the official website at

WCD 420 THAILAND 2021 is one of this year’s highly-anticipated events, as it will potentially be a historical breakthrough for Thailand and Asia’s medical cannabis sector, since this is an event with great potential. As we have seen from recent law and regulation updates Thailand is ready to be a part of the world of medical cannabis and the medicinal cannabis hub for Asia. Therefore, we would like to cordially invite you to participate in the World Cannabis Day 2021 Celebration, where you will meet and network with the participants and visit cannabis and hemp business owners at our 50 booths (2 days). We are excited to announce that our event will see the presence of many important people to honor and celebrate cannabis and hemp industries in Thailand whilst showing a strong perspective on driving cannabis to be accepted and progressively developed in every sector in Thailand.

Join the World Cannabis Day Thailand 2021 seminar to learn about the cannabis and hemp industries directly from 14 national professionals and experts. There will be information relating to law and regulation updates, business investment models and medical cannabis tourism and wellness. 

Topics at the World Cannabis Day Thailand Seminar will include:

• How new laws support business and investment in cannabis and hemp

• Cannabis extraction and refinement techniques

• Effectiveness of investment in cannabis and hemp for business sector

• How to innovate and make cannabis and hemp productive

• Medical cannabis as traditional medicine and Thai CBD products

• Serving the medical cannabis tourism industry in Thailand

• House of wellness program for cannabis investment

• Herbal and medicine development

• Cannabis and hemp construction

• How to run cannabis and hemp business effectively

• Medical cannabis tourism

• Thai hemp wellness development in Thailand

• How to use THC and CBD effectively and safety

• FDA registration regulations of hemp and cannabis products

CISW International Co., Ltd (Thailand) continues to focus on the health benefits of medical cannabis, the treatment of patients diagnosed with cancer and to promote Thailand's medical cannabis industry, medical cannabis tourism and industrial hemp products to the world cannabis industry.

For more information on the event and registration, please visit the official website at or contact Chanoknan Limprasert on +66 97 165 6268, by email or via line ID: inklinkk. 

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