EVA in Digital Pilot for COVID-19 Test Result Confirmation
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EVA in Digital Pilot for COVID-19 Test Result Confirmation

Platform allows fast verification of passengers’ PCR outcome

EVA Air is working with digital-solution-provider Affinidi and joining Singapore Changi Airport in a pilot program that uses a digital platform to verify passengers’ Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test results for its Singapore-Taipei flights. The airline plans to extend this service to flights from Malaysia and Indonesia to Taipei and is evaluating introduction of digital systems on other routes based on trial outcomes.

From its start, EVA has made every effort to safeguard passengers’ and crewmembers’ health and safety. Airline Ratings’ recognition of EVA as one of the “World’s Top Twenty COVID-19 Compliant Airlines” with “Seven Star Certification for COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention" reaffirms that dedication as the airline actively pursues development of different digital verification platforms. 

When the epidemic started, EVA began monitoring digital verification platform development and cross-border application standardization that will enable international systems to connect and help prevent further spread of the pandemic. EVA is also working with airlines and industry organizations to implement a reliable digital platform for verifying passengers’ PCR test results and vaccine injection records.

Singapore just began requiring QR Codes for PCR test results from medical institutions in March 2021. At airports with Affinidi’s platform, airline ground staff can scan the QR code and quickly determine the authenticity of test results, including the name of the medical institution, date of the test and whether the passenger meets relevant policy requirements in their destination country. Among regulations that may vary from country to country, Taiwan currently requires each passenger to present a paper copy of their PCR test results from a medical institution when they check in.

 In an earlier trial, EVA found that, on average, digital verification saved passengers as much as 5 minutes of wait time and prevented human errors stemming from individual interpretation of test results. Digital verification improved passengers’ experience at the airport and boosted operation efficiency significantly.

EVA upholds rigorous standards for COVID-19 prevention measures and continually enhances and improves the efforts it employs. In addition to adjusting inflight service procedures and further elevating cabin cleanness, it provides personal hygiene kits. It is also working to optimize ground operations by encouraging passengers to self check-in, re-engineering boarding sequences and implementing biometrics with a facial recognition boarding system that reduces unnecessary contacts for passengers. EVA designed these measures to help ensure that its passengers enjoy a safe and comfortable flight. They also further established EVA as an industry standout and led to it receiving AirlineRatings’ "Seven Star Certification for COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention" with recognition among the "World’s Top Twenty COVID-19 Compliant Airlines." EVA is the only airline in Taiwan to receive these honours.

As COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the globe, international travel is likely to resume. Standardized digital health verification systems will make it easier for international travellers to prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and confirm negative test results. In addition to the trial for this system at Singapore Changi Airport and collaboration with international aviation organisations, EVA is working with other digital health verification platforms. It will continue to seek opportunities for cooperation with relevant health verification solution developers to identify the safest, most efficient and convenient system available for safeguarding passengers’ health and safety.

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