YouTuber Dezmen Horne Is a Rising Star in the Digital Comedy Space

YouTuber Dezmen Horne Is a Rising Star in the Digital Comedy Space

Image Credit : Dezmen Horne
Image Credit : Dezmen Horne

If laughter is the best medicine, then Dezmen Horne should be given an honorary medical degree. This rising comic star has achieved explosive growth on social media and has his sights set on the big screen. With talent like his, the possibilities for this inspirational funnyman are limitless.

Dezmen, better known as @Dez2fly, is a New Jersey native. An avid football player since the age of five, he graduated from Glassboro High School in 2016, then attended Eastern Michigan University for two years before dropping out in 2020. While he did play football in college, he had other aspirations calling him.

Oddly enough, this wildly-popular figure describes himself as an introvert. Yet, he has always had a passion for making videos. He spent a lot of time on the app Vine growing up, watching Melvin Gregg, King Bach, De Storm, and DC Youngfly. Dezmen wanted to branch out into comedy videos, but he was worried about what people would think of him. These fears were alleviated by his friends influencing him to make these videos and reassuring him that he was naturally funny.

Comedy is a tough discipline to master. To do so, one needs quite a bit of natural comedic talent and timing. While some things can be taught, others can’t, and Dezmen has those enviable skills. He started to create meme videos, and when one went viral, he used his platform to deliver what can only be deemed inspirational slapstick. Not only does this talented comic make people laugh, he delivers inspirational messages in his humour.

These messages are part of his mission to help people and give the advice he wished he had received when he was younger. Dezmen doesn’t just want to make people laugh, he wants to help them grow mentally and stay on track in their lives. He has been directly contacted by thousands of viewers who credit this comic with curing their depression. He also encourages his followers to follow a healthy lifestyle through activities such as going to the gym. 

This wisdom through comedy has proven very popular. In fact, Dezmen has achieved almost unheard-of growth on social media platforms. He boasts 3.1 million followers on TikTok with 92.9 million likes and achieved this in just 13 months. Dezmen has over 300,000 YouTube subscribers, and his videos have received over 50 million views. On Instagram, he has 162,000 followers, which he gained in less than a year.

This exponential growth was fuelled by quality content, which is genuine and relatable. One of the hallmarks of this rising star is his take on humorous situations most people have found themselves in. It is hard to imagine Dezmen ever being camera shy, as he has shown himself to be a truly gifted comic actor. 

Speaking of acting, Dezmen has ambitions of being in a movie or the TV series Power. With his effortless on-camera presence and larger-than-life possibility, don’t be surprised if you see this talent make a seamless transition to yet another medium.

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