Stepan Talabira Talks about His Goals and Future expansion Plans

Stepan Talabira Talks about His Goals and Future expansion Plans

Entrepreneurial success is all about scale.

The limit is as high as you want to go, and with 2021 in full swing, many businesses have become bold in their expansion plans as the digital world explodes and connects us at an increasing rate. With the future at our fingertips, internet entrepreneurs are poised to see a higher degree of success. Stepan Talabira, mathematician, entrepreneur, and internet developer, talks about his goals and future expansion plans.

When it comes to business, Stepan knows a thing or two. A specialist in applied mathematics, cybernetics, and business economics from Uzhgorod National University in Ukraine, Stepan launched his first business following graduation. "Entrepreneurship has always appealed to me," says Stepan. "I enjoy being able to solve problems, and the dedication it takes to launch a business was ingrained in me from a young age." 

Stepan founded a website development company and quickly expanded into mobile application development. "With mobile apps on the rise, we saw a tremendous amount of success simply by meeting a paramount need for our customers," explains Stepan. "After taking off with mobile apps, we also expanded into marketing and advertising." Understanding that the digital world is a unique business environment with specific needs helped Stepan reach his initial business goals. 

In 2017 Stepan launched a separate marketing agency helping take his clients' small businesses to the next level. "Our future depends on how well we serve our customers, and we take it very seriously," says Stepan. "Our main goal is to serve small businesses better as the digital world evolves, giving them a larger voice to reach their particular audiences."

"We'll expand as far as the internet takes us," exclaims Stepan. "Things are always changing in our industry, so you have to ensure you are willing to adapt quickly. Our goals and objectives are interchangeable to ensure priorities are always being met." With a flexible attitude and macro view of what's possible, Stepan continues to expand and grow his companies in an era of digital opportunity.

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