RosDee® introuduces its new quality improvement product and RosDee® Less Sodium
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RosDee® introuduces its new quality improvement product and RosDee® Less Sodium

RosDee® introuduces its new quality improvement product and RosDee® Less Sodium while debut the first presenter ever “Mark-Kim” through the new TVC

RosDee®, the top market leader of seasoning powder product which has been familiar alongside Thai kitchen for more than 40 years under Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., recently introduced its new quality improvement recipe (QI) which was meticuliously developed to be more well-blended taste and nicer aroma from using high quality real natural ingredints such as meat, spices, and etc. making every kind of menus to be more deliciouness easily. It also launced new product “RosDee® Less Sodium” to response recent healthy trend of Thai consumers and release its new TVC with the debut of “Mark-Kim” as the first duo presenter ever of the brand representing the couple who enjoys cooking, eating delicious and healthy menu while keeping their good health as well.

Mr.Shuji Tatsumi, Seasoning Business Unit Manager of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., stated that “For more than 40 years of brand, RosDee® has been stay alongside Thai kithchen and received well consumer acceptance as the top market leader of multi-purpose seasoning product in Thai market. In order to deliver highest quality product to meet consumer need, from the marketing survey research with around 1,000 consumers, we found that as a top of mind seasoning product brand we can improve more quality and product efficacy to meet consumer need while maximizing their hightest satisfaction as well, then we decided to develop new QI recipe serving better product to consumers.The new QI of RosDee® has improved to be more well-blended taste and nicer aroma with well-selected quality ingredients as real pork and spices like garlic and pepper. I do expect Thai consumers will satisfy our new QI product. Besides, we also launched our new product “RosDee® Less Sodium” (Pork flavor), a new formula of powder seasoning with 50% reduced sodium content answering the need of people who would like to control sodium intake consumption in each meal together with keeping deliciousness and full-flavored taste, as the another healthy option for consumer which nowadays became more health-consciousness and look for healthy product option. These are what we would like to support a healthy and good quality life of Thai people reflecting our core business principle so called “the Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value: ASV)” as the global food company to create “Healthy Living Society”.

In addition, we also recently debuted the first duo presenter ever, the hot couple of the year Mark-Prin Suparat and Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri representing the well-being concept of couple who enjoys cooking and eating delicious food and keeps good health at the same time which is displayed through the new TVCF that to be on-air in end of April onwards.”

The “RosDee® new QI” and “RosDee® Less Sodium (Pork Flavor)” are now available at leading convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide. Furthermore, consumers can follow delicious recipe, menus and many cooking tips through our online community via Facebook Fanpage “Ajinomoto Home Cooking” as well.

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