Digital Health Solutions from Taiwan Calls for Healthcare Rethink

Digital Health Solutions from Taiwan Calls for Healthcare Rethink

The structure of populations across the world is changing, as many nations see a growing trend towards an ageing society.

In response to this, healthcare also needs to adapt. Accordingly, medical IoT applications have developed into a large, high potential industry, revolutionizing the provision of healthcare. 

A year into the pandemic, “Taiwan still remains as one of the best managed societies against Covid-19, having one of the lowest mortality rates and one of the lowest infection rates, partially based on Taiwan’s digital health development”, remarked Dr. Yu-Chuan Jack Li, a dermatologist, professor and President-Elect of the International Medical Informatics Association, during his opening remarks.

Taiwan excels in a number of medical technology specialties, some ranking among the best in Asia.  the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan’s leading trade promotion organization, and Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, has shown showcase five leading brands from Taiwan’s medtech industry – all of whom are winners of the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award. These strategic and visionary leaders, namely Leltek, Wincomm, Acer Healthcare, MiiS and Apollo Medical Optics, have presented their most innovative digital health solutions to the world.

Ms. Connie Chi, International Business Development Director, Leltek Inc. presents “LeSONO Handheld Wireless Ultrasound”, The LU700 series is the first handheld wireless ultrasonic product made in Taiwan. Compared to traditional ultrasonic scanning systems, LELTEK Inc. integrates all algorithm of ultrasonic imaging into an FGPA chip by its unique technology and the diagnostic ultrasound images can be displayed and controlled by the user's mobile devices via WIFI connection. The size of the product, LeSONO, is only 18cm*6cm*3cm, and the weight is 340g. Compared to the other handheld ultrasonic product, the company had reduced the size and enhanced the convenience of use as well. LELTEK Inc. owns many key technologies to create a barrier that others cannot breakthrough: such as component materials, data transmission, wireless functions, system integration, etc. For more information, please visit

Mr. HY Chiou, CEO of Wincomm Corp. said WMP-19K equipped with Intel® 9th generation processors and independent Geforce GTX-1060 graphic card and Intel® Movidius™ vision AI card ready medical grade panel PC platforms, empowering AI assisted diagnosis in smart healthcare industry. Advanced, AI-powered imaging applications require a suite of enabling technologies. First and foremost, processors equipped with HD graphics features and hardware-accelerated video encoding/decoding are a must. These capabilities are available on compute devices equipped with Intel Core™ processors, which are already being applied in a wide array of medical imaging applications such as ultrasounds, X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. Facing fight to against COVID-19, it would require medical imaging detection in more efficient way, and thus these scalable processors can efficiently perform deep-learning inferencing and thanks to a hybrid CPU-plus-GPU architecture that supports complex, memory-intensive medical imaging workloads. For more information, please visit

Ms. Amy Shiao, Business Development Manager, Acer Healthcare said VeriSee DR is an AI-assisted diagnostics software that learns from the experiences of the many ophthalmologists from the National Taiwan University Hospital in diagnosing diabetic retinopathy (DR). Acer uses AI and deep learning techniques to make a software that achieves a level of diagnostic confidence similar to that of an ophthalmologist. Through Acer's design experience in the PC industry, this software and hardware are then integrated into an edge computing device, allowing it to compute locally without having to go through a network. Acer Healthcare believes that this device will be of tremendous assistance for physicians in diagnosing DR. For more information, please visit  

Mr. Johnson Chang, Sales Manager, Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc. said the company is the world experts in digital hand-held diagnostic scopes and a trusted partner of Hospitals, Medical Schools, and Health Organizations, providing worldwide practitioners with first-class digital and portable diagnostic solutions. Presenting 2 new products; EES 100- EMT Endoscope slim for clinic examination; offering the smallest form factor of Endoscope with low cost and flexible design such as light source, camera module with sensor, anti-loose and lightweight.

MPD 100 – Wound Care assistant offers the video chat solution, 3D camera for dimensions measurement, dept measurement and leveling. The color camera also provides the different color choices of image record and tissue recognize on Necrotic, sloughy, granulating and epithelializing. Cloud-base, Wi-Fi compatibility, application and AI machine learning are also equipped which allows ward round, telemedicine and home care to track the medical record, recovery history and analyze similar case recommendation. For more information, please visit 

Dr. Y. David Ma, CEO of AMO said ApolloVue® S100 imaging system provides clinicians a non-invasive tool to capture three-dimensional cellular resolution images.  AMO’s system targets to enable clinicians to reduce the numbers and frequency of skin biopsies. ApolloVue® S100 can provide: Non-invasive in vivo scan, Real-time and three-dimensional images, Integration of image guiding and OCT system, Cellular level resolution OCT images, Scanning depth of 400 µm covering the epidermis and upper dermis. For more information, please visit 

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