Domenica Graci's Mindset Keeps Her Pushing One Luxury To New Heights

Domenica Graci's Mindset Keeps Her Pushing One Luxury To New Heights

Smart and determined owner of luxury tourism brand One Luxury, Domenica Graci creates unique travel plans for her clients who desire nothing less than the best.

For many of us, traveling to distant lands and unchartered territories is more of a storytelling experience. Based in Cologne, Germany, Domenica Graci, CEO & founder of One Luxury, has made it her life’s mission to define travel experiences like none before. Coming from a wide array of traveling experiences during her childhood days to having an intricate desire to add value to the lives of passionate travellers, Domenica founded her brand, One Luxury, to offer customised luxury travel experiences combined with concierge and beauty services.

A new approach to travel

One Luxury is unlike any other travel package and solutions brand. It offers services and solutions after understanding the unique needs and expectations of clients/travellers. The team of One Luxury comprises expert researchers who dive deep into the potential possibilities of giving superlative experiences, offering pleasant surprises on a plate. She ensures that while her clients are traveling, her team cares for all the other concerns that often consume time and unbudgeted money, often spoiling the overall travel experience. Her team at One Luxury minutely handles all hassles and probable concerns such as logistics issues, booking concerns, or problems with getting that perfect accommodation, among others.

To ensure brand building and marketing, Domenica engages in digital marketing with a key focus on influencer marketing channels. Her brand page has 12,000 followers on Instagram and 3,000 on Facebook. One can easily gauge her popularity through these constantly growing numbers. This helps her to spread the word about her innovative traveling solutions and reach the target market. Her claim to fame did not happen solely based on her services; it is Domenica’s determination and never-give-up attitude that helps her sustain her entrepreneurial spirit despite odds during her days of inception.

When not adding value to clients’ travel plans

Aside from injecting happiness into people’s lives during their expeditions, Domenica is also a mother of three healthy children. She spends her free time taking care of her health and maintains a fitness regime. She believes that staying positive is crucial to realising success in any sphere of life. Having a clear vision in life coupled with the right attitude and unending determination, Domenica is en route to becoming a top name in the field of travel and tourism.

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