AP Thailand upgrades ‘SMART WORLD’ app to simplify home living on your own terms

AP Thailand upgrades ‘SMART WORLD’ app to simplify home living on your own terms

AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited, on a mission to EMPOWER LIVING by delivering good quality of life on customers’ terms, is moving forward with its road map towards Everything Digital, which is one of the three strategies driving the organisation.

The company is building on its success in property management transformation under its subsidiary SMART by upgrading SMART WORLD making it ready to be a platform that makes home living easy on your own terms. The new version of SMART WORLD comes complete with 24 functions offering over 100 services under three main concepts: 1. Smart Life, which lets you choose an easy life at the touch of your fingertip; 2. Happiness Community, where you can choose to design a community of happiness together; and 3. Privilege, which allows you to enjoy special privileges on your own terms. 

Special for users of SMART WORLD under the management of SMART, they need to just update or download the new-version SMART WORLD app within May to receive a right to win several special prizes. By the end of 2021, the company targets to have 100,000 users as it looks forward to working with financial partners to offer additional special privileges.

Mr. Vittakarn Chandavimol, Chief Corporate Strategy and Creation, AP (Thailand) Pcl. Said, “AP Thailand is operating on a mission to EMPOWER LIVING to deliver a good quality of living on customers’ terms. We have three principal strategies to strengthen the organisation amid uncertainty in today’s world that Everything Digital is one of the game-changing strategies adopted to deliver digital living experience to customers in every journey from right before they become customers. It involves developing a number of platforms to support sales in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, until they become customers and move into AP’s community, all through a transformation of property management under SMART. Today, we have upgraded SMART WORLD, AP’s post-living quality of life management platform, to make it the only application that empowers home living, making it easy on each customer’s terms. The upgraded platform is ready to work seamlessly with KATSAN, the smart home security service platform, to deliver superior after-sales services to all customers.” 

Mr. Poonlap Wongkumchang, Digital Marketing Director, AP Thailand Group, said, “We began the development of SMART WORLD in late 2019 when the world started to be disrupted by technologies and everything changed quickly, especially customers’ needs. The company developed SMART WORLD from our understanding of customers’ unmet needs. The main goal was to make SMART WORLD a helper for home residents by making their everyday living as comfortable and convenient as possible. At the end of 2020, SMART WORLD had 70,000 user downloads, with 40,000 active users per month on average. In 2021, we aim to reach 100,000 user downloads and 60,000 active users per month on average.” 

The new SMART WORLD version is an upgrade in UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) for more efficiency, making it respond faster to users and deliver better-value after-sales services through new features developed under the slogan ‘Home Matters Made Easy on Your Own Terms’ with a life home residents can choose in three dimensions with 24 functions and over 100 services in the following groupings:

1. SMART LIFE. Choose to live a safe, convenient life at the touch of your fingertips. Features help management, reminds you of trivial home matters and provides seamless connection to security and smart home systems. Twice as convenient with Facilities –Booking that allows you to book common areas in advance to minimise risks and avoid overcrowding.

2. HAPPINESS COMMUNITY. Choose and design your society of happiness with new upgraded features that allow all residents to build together a society for quality living. Outstanding features include: Vote, the only app with the ‘vote’ feature to make the job of the juristic person faster by letting residents vote on special matters where voices of residents need to be heard before any action taken; Bulletin Board, a community of connection, exchange and sharing of good things with special activities for residents to join each month; and Marketplace, a centre for residents to buy, sell, exchange goods and services among more than 80,000 families of residents in 270 projects cared for by SMART. 

3. PRIVILEGE. Choose to receive special privileges on your own terms from the HOME Service menu – special-price services from AP partners. There are over 100 services, including maintenance, gardening, cleaning maid, air conditioner cleaning and others – all very convenient with 24/7 real-time booking. Plus Knock Knock Parcel by Kerry & Flash door-to-door delivery and many other special services. 

Throughout this May, AP Thailand is holding the ‘Load, Lock, Luck Any Style You Like’ campaign to give all home residents presents. The campaign involves over 400 items worth over 300,000 baht. All residents need to do is download or upgrade their SMART WORLD app. The lucky winning residents will be announced via SMART WORLD app on 5 June.

Mr. Vittakarn added that: “Today, house and condo buyers come with a lot of expectations. They demand things like safety for life and property, good environment, quality community and systematic management. The upgrade of the SMART WORLD platform empowers residents in more aspects with a fuller range of features that go beyond home. The new  SMART WORLD is a helper to deliver good quality of life on customer’s terms and also an elevation of AP’s property management business.”

SMART WORLD is a digital platform to manage quality of life of homeowners after they have moved into an AP Thailand residential project, whether it be a single detached house, a townhome or a condominium. It is designed to maximise quality of life for tomorrow by building an ideal living community, reducing duplication that is one of today’s issues among residents and offering life-improving experiences through functions that cover all things that matter to their lifeway. 

SMART-managed residents can now download SMART WORLD at App Store and Google Play at https://bit.ly/33ghmzJ or for more information, call 1623.
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