Rashed Ali Almansoori – Young Emirati Journalist Who Gained Fame as a Leading Tech blogger and influencer.

Rashed Ali Almansoori – Young Emirati Journalist Who Gained Fame as a Leading Tech blogger and influencer.

This talented tech genius of UAE has come to dominate the world of social media and IT. Now his next foray is into the world of Tech innovations.

The smart tech piece ‘UTAG ‘launched by the 30-year-old created enormous buzz as it helped people connect remotely and safely during the global crisis.

The ambitious young man is passionate, driven and, most importantly, unstoppable, paving the way for youngsters to follow the lead of his achievements. Thus he proves that one can wear many feathers in their hat successfully. His social media presence has garnered tremendous acceptance from the masses as he contributes some of the best tech tutorials available to help people navigate through life in an era when technology is so integral to everything. 

Rashed Ali’s knowledge in the tech world was required from media outlets as he was sought as a journalist to be a leading contributor at Al-bayan newspaper. His writing about the latest tech advancement and knowledge was not overlooked by the readers in fact created a hot topic for not only, tech enthusiasts but also for average tech users to benefit.

His success in social media is evident from his tremendous following of around 300,000, just in Instagram. His audience of all ages is clearly eager to know what this young man has in store. On Instagram, he shares valuable information pertaining to tech in an interesting and concise manner. Moreover, he has created camera lenses that have quickly become widely distributed among users.

With so many achievements, one wonders how it all started.

Rashed Ali was born in UAE in 1991. He is currently based in Abu Dhabi. Fortunate enough to be born in the digital age with a golden opportunity provided to him by his country, the young man grew up with a love for technology since childhood. 

“My love for technology started as long ago as I can remember. It developed into a passion, to the point that I was determined that tech would become part of my life when I grew up.” He went on to major in IT. 

With his constant self-improvement and self-development, he has reached a point where he is not only giving back to his community but the Middle East region. He does this by sharing tech information that is not only entertaining but protects users’ data, reflecting the fact that he is also a cyber security expert.

As an admired tech icon, younger tech enthusiasts look up to him as a responsible and active member of the community and an apt role model.

“To make a profound impact on people's lives through tech was something I always wanted to do,” he says.

Indeed, Rashed Ali has gone above and beyond that, as he continuously aims to improve himself and help those around him.

In so doing, he has raised the UAE name high based on ongoing success within the field. Certainly, he is a person to look out for in 2021 and for many more years to come.

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