Liam James Collins Shares How the Coaching Masters Continues to Add Unique Value to the Coaching Industry

Liam James Collins Shares How the Coaching Masters Continues to Add Unique Value to the Coaching Industry

Over the last few years, the coaching industry has grown to become a multi-billion-dollar affair. Life coaching is a growing field with many opportunities. In 2019, the estimated market size of the US's coaching industry was $15 billion. If the predictions are correct, with the average yearly growth rate of 6.7%, the value can grow to $20 billion in just three years.

For Liam James Collins and his team at the Coaching Masters, numbers like these are encouraging. The Coaching Masters is an interactive online training platform and community for coaches and aspiring coaches. 

The Coaching Masters is completely value-driven

When Liam had just started as a coach, he was fortunate enough to meet Paul McKenna, the world's number one self-development author. "Paul McKenna told me the more value you add to other people's lives, the more money you make," shared Liam.

So, Liam knows the importance of leading with value as this one line changed his entire perspective of business. Within the Coaching Masters, Liam provides vast amounts of value, not only as the founder but also as the head trainer.

Liam created the content for The Coaching Masters Signature Courses which includes The Accreditation Course, The NLP Practitioner and The NLP Master Practitioner. Liam shows up live for the entire Coaching Masters Community regularly and gets to know as many of his students as possible. 

One of the main reasons Liam does this is because he fully understands the importance of this quote "People will forget what you told them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” So, Liam always goes the extra mile to make sure his students feel welcomed, loved and unique. "I believe that these are the three pillars of positive emotion. Feeling welcomed, loved and unique."

The Coaching Masters unique selling point

The thing that separates The Coaching Masters from every single coaching academy on earth is its personality and transparency. "I am very open about the fact that I am unpolished, rough around the edges and am a 'real person in every sense of the word’."

He often lets his students see behind the scenes of his life as he looks after his daughter, Posey, stumbles on his words during live training and always shows the inner workings of his day-to-day life. 

"I am a firm believer that Mr. & Mrs Perfect do not exist, so why try to be that.

By giving my students an elevated sense of transparency when it comes to my business and my life, I create an unshakable level of trust for them while at the same time boosting my authority," revealed Liam.

The Coaching Masters has come to disrupt 

According to Liam, The Coaching Masters are also vibrant, dynamic, and not afraid to disrupt. They have a firm belief that the coaching industry was very stale, boring and dry before they came along. "We have blown the cobwebs off the dusty old coaching books and have breathed new life into the tools, techniques and frameworks that coaching gives us. We want to make having a coach as fashionable as having a personal trainer," shared Liam.

The Coaching Masters wants to give ordinary people extraordinary tools to create freedom for themselves and others. They are making coaching fun, vibrant, dynamic, and exciting for the younger generation who will come after them. 

Liam is constantly adding value to his large follower base via free training videos on Instagram plus motivational videos and footage of him speaking on various stages worldwide. 

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