What TacosWay’s Customers Love About the Restaurant

What TacosWay’s Customers Love About the Restaurant

TacosWay, the renowned Mexican restaurant, started with the dream of one man to start a restaurant chain that delighted customers with Mexican food.

Gabriel Barajas as a kid helped his father sell tortillas. Later on, when he became a high school student, he began selling to his peers at school the tortas that his mother cooked. There was a deep-rooted belief in him that with hard work and dedication, he could be successful. This paved the way for TacosWay and is one of the reasons for the huge success of the restaurant chain.

Before TacosWay had opened five branches all over California and one in Tokyo, Japan, Gabriel Barajas had to endure a lot of criticisms. Many people discouraged him from pursuing his idea, telling him it wouldn’t work. Little did they know that Gabriel’s persistence and hard work would finally pay off and TacosWay would become one of the best Mexican restaurants in the state.

What TacosWay Offers to Its Customers

TacosWay’s reputation was built through videos about the restaurant posted on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Marketing and promotions helped the brand get a lot of recognition from people. They now have a huge following on social media platforms. The brand anthem was written by Gabriel’s friend, Eddie. When the public became more aware of TacosWay, many decided to check it out and later became loyal customers of the restaurant. Here is what made them love TacosWay after dining there once.

Mexican Food

Although Gabriel Barajas was born in San Fernando, California, he spent time as a child in Concecion De Buenos Aires in Jalisco, Mexico. During those times, he would go to neighbouring towns and ranches to help his father sell tortillas. When his family moved back to San Fernando, he spent quite some time selling the tortas that his mother cooked.

With his past experiences, it is understandable why he focused his business on Mexican food. Currently, TacosWay is praised for the exceptional taste of the dishes they serve. Among many are burritos, enchiladas, guacamole, torta, and quesadillas that are loved by food enthusiasts.

Mexican Drinks

TacosWay offers Mexican beers such as Micheway, Bombaway, Rubia y la Morena, and Charolazoway. There are also margaritas, mixed alcohol, shots, and signature cocktails, which can be ordered from the restaurant.

Due to the wide variety of choices for drinks, people have a lot of choices when they are at the restaurant. The restaurant staff advises customers to give Don Julio 1942 a taste. The entire menu of TacosWay can be found on their official website.

Mexican Casual Dining Experience

No other restaurant can offer the same flavour as TacosWay when it comes to Mexican food and drinks. TacosWay also sets itself over its competition by offering an authentic Mexican casual dining experience. The customer service in the restaurant is loved and praised by all. By offering tasty food and drinks along with a cool and casual dining vibe, TacosWay has positioned itself as the best Mexican restaurant chain in California.

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