Victoria Kennedy shares valuable tips on getting clients with media attention
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Victoria Kennedy shares valuable tips on getting clients with media attention

A business grows with visibility because it attracts prospective clients.

Visibility brings positive attention to the business, thus building its brand value for sustainable growth. This is what Victoria Kennedy believes public relations is a wonderful way to scale up businesses of any size. Victoria Kennedy is an American entrepreneur, PR expert, and public speaker. In 2019, she founded her PR agency Victorious PR in Las Vegas, Nevada. Within 90 days, the business started earning a 6-figure revenue and currently is on its way to becoming a $1 million business. 

Victorious PR is the brainchild of Victoria Kennedy who has always emphasised the importance of PR in improving a business. Her agency Victorious PR works with top entrepreneurs, marketers, influencers, and C-level executives to diversify their sales channels with effective brand management programs. Victorious PR specialises in developing brand awareness, creating media outreach, designing media strategy, and social media verifications on Facebook and Instagram. 

Victoria Kennedy is a regular contributor to globally renowned publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC, Inman News, Fox News, Yahoo Finance, etc. She is also a celebrated TEDx Speaker and a brand ambassador for Inman. She maintains a professional relationship with reputed organisations like the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Forbes, etc. Her success story has been featured in over 200 national and international publications and podcasts. 

It all started when her dream career as an opera singer came to a halt because her work visa to Europe was declined. She was quite successful as an opera singer where one of her hit singles even topped the iTunes classical chart in Europe. However, the halt to her career taught her the importance of visibility. She realised how important it was for her to reach public attention to monetize her talent and that is when she started working on her PR skills. She soon discovered her love for communication and started her PR agency, Victorious PR. 

Victoria Kennedy shares some important tips to get clients with a proven and powerful PR strategy. 

1. Build brand credibility

Public relations can help create brand awareness with popular publications and social media attention. All these can create a positive impression of the brand in the public eye. This will help to develop the credibility and value of the brand that sustains even after the PR campaign ends. 

2. Reach target audience

PR agencies work only after understanding the business and brand message completely. This helps them to reach a highly targeted audience who will be genuinely interested in the product or service. This always helps to grab more attention than forced marketing and advertising. When people see good things being written and talked about a brand, they get drawn to it. 

3. Attract investors

With all the positive attention from the customers, it is obvious for businesses to attract potential investors. Investing in a credible and reputed brand increases their chances of good returns. This strategy is useful for new startups. 

4. Develop a relationship with clients

PR helps to build a strong relationship with the customers. This increases brand value in the long run and also makes future marketing campaigns more effective. It also helps to develop loyal customers and boosts lead generation. 

5. Widen visibility

Public relations professionals work on multiple media channels including publications, digital platforms, etc. This increases the visibility of a brand helping it reach more prospective customers. 

Victoria Kennedy is a brilliant public relations strategist who has helped several businesses scale up. Her PR strategies can open more avenues for businesses to grow exponentially. She is highly active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook where users can connect with her.

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