AP-Samsung launch ‘Lively Home’ campaign
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AP-Samsung launch ‘Lively Home’ campaign

Space innovations for lifestyle empowerment emerge at 15 Baan Klang Muang locations

AP (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. is proceeding with its ‘EMPOWER LIVING’ mission to deliver good living quality on customers’ terms. Now the company has partnered with the world’s consumer electronics leader, Samsung, to launch ‘Lively Home’, a new housing series that offers vertical interior space innovations for all Baan Klang Muang developments under the concept COMFORT-CREATIVE-CONVENIENCE. Additional promotions worth over 2,000,000 baht are on offer before the campaign ends on 30 June 2021.

“Baan Klang Muang is a hero brand of AP’s townhomes that has been so well-received among city homebuyers in the upper middle segment that it has made the brand the leader in the market for luxury 3-story townhomes for over 30 years,” said Mr. Metha Rakthum, Deputy Chief Business Group – Townhome, AP (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. “We never stop challenging ourselves to empower every aspect of townhome living. And to ensure that every space best responds to every life story of residents, we decided to launch this new campaign to offer special privileges from our collaboration with Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.. In this case, we have integrated our space design innovations for three-story townhomes into Samsung’s futuristic consumer electronics innovations and we are preparing to offer this synergy to buyers of all ready-to-move-in Baan Klang Muang townhomes. They also have the option to receive additional promotions worth over 2,000,000 baht before the campaign ends on 30 June 2021.”

The concept of this ‘Lively Home’ campaign comprises three major ideas where Samsung’s consumer electronics innovations come in to complement the living experience in Baan Klang Muang and make it extraordinary. 

  1. CONVENIENCE: Made possible with intelligent helpers programmed to keep your home business in order. These include: the JetBot 90 AI+ vacuum cleaner, AI (artificial intelligence)-operated equipment with 3D sensor and built-in camera to detect and recognise objects on the floor including security guards and maids; a bespoke refrigerator whose colour and modular design are adaptable to accommodate future family expansion, and; Google Home Hub, a reminder system to keep you posted on important matters together with your home assistant who is always ready to respond to your every command.
  2. CREATIVE: Get your creativity activated for Work from Home with a multi-purpose space in Baan Klang Muang that can be shifted into a small studio meeting room complete with Samsung Flip2, an innovative smart board whose angles can be positioned for different uses. Connection to cyber space is made possible through Smart Light with more than 16 million colour shades that react to your moods. The Serif lifestyle TV is a 4K smart TV that is good to look at from every angle thanks to its unique I-shaped design, premium minimalist metal stand and foolproof lively, colourful images using QLED technology. 
  3. COMFORT: Peace of mind is assured in every relaxation space with: SmartThings Cam, a full HD CCTV camera with built-in speakers that warn when there is an intruder, and; Cube AX9500 air purifier with multiple stages of purification, an innovation that allows two purifying units to work together for broader filter efficiency. To ensure your home is clean and safe 24/7, you can command the equipment to operate while you are outside through your smartphone using the SmartThings app. Meanwhile, AirDresser closet innovation helps eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and allergens using JetStream hot steam. 

Our goal is to empower every aspect of living in AP’s townhomes, to ensure that every space optimally responds to every life story of residents,” adds Mr. Metha. “Based on our homebuyer insight regarding the decisions our customers make to buy their homes in the upper middle segment, they no longer simply look for beautiful design or technology that leaves them with a burden later; they attach importance to seeking new value that complements and improves the home living experiences. Our collaboration with Samsung serves to build on our home space maximisation in Baan Klang Muang to create the new value that homebuyers can only find at Baan Klang Muang.”

Come experience the actual space and living experience of these lively homes at 15 Baan Klang Muang locations. Make the most of the opportunity to receive ready-to-move-in packages worth over 2,000,000 baht from now until 30 June 2021. Special prices start at 4-9 million baht. Interested members of the public may click on www.apthai/com/th/brand-concept/บ้านกลางเมือง  

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