Glore Jewelry Founder Leo Glore Celebrates Massive NYC Success

Glore Jewelry Founder Leo Glore Celebrates Massive NYC Success

The jewellery industry is one of the most highly competitive ones. It has become even more challenging, especially now that jewellery has become an essential part of one’s fashion. The massive entertainment industry in American has given rise to a growing interest in custom jewellery pieces. Custom designs have also become a trend as everyone is looking for what best serves them to make them stand out with their unique style.

Being an entrepreneur and being in the jewellery business is not easy as not everyone can succeed. It is a ruthless market where you cannot build a brand for yourself unless you have something unique to offer.

Leon Glore, or Leo Glore as he is commonly known, is among the few individuals who have mastered the needs of luxury clients and meets them every single time. Leo is a famous New York jeweller popularly known for his stunning and unique designs. He has risen in recent years, beating all odds to scale his brand to the top level. He is the founder and owner of Glore Store, a famous store that sells custom jewellery pieces.

Conquering the New York market is a massive step to becoming a household name on the global stage. His beautifully crafted and detailed jewellery items match clients' expectations and have been the reason for his success in New York. He achieves this by blending each client's needs with his creativity to create timeless pieces that are also trendy.

Leo ventured into the industry at a young age. He was 19 when he started his first jewellery business. He has steadily grown his enterprise while still perfecting his skills to become one of the best jewellers globally. Getting into the Jewelry industry seems to be the best decision he has made based on the current success he is enjoying. He has worked with numerous celebrities and personalities globally, including Meek Mill, the Kardashians, 50 Cents, Scott Disick, and Alec monopoly.

He is bound for more success and greatness, as he is continuously striving to get more out of life. He continues to work around the clock to create more exciting and new designs to maintain his reputation as one of the best custom jewellers. His target is to conquer the global market and expand his offering to a more diverse audience. He believes that custom designs are the next big thing and everyone should find custom jewellery that fits them perfectly and expresses their personality.

His appearance on “Below Deck Mediterranean”, a popular show on Bravo TV, gained him more popularity. He received a lot of attention on social media after the success of the show and his performance. What makes this unique is that Leo was not the main cast but featured as a guest courtesy of an invite by one of his closest friends.  

Besides work, Leo loves living large and owns a fleet of high-end cars that include a Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Royce Ghost, and a Ferrari 488. He has plans to get a custom Aventador SV soon. He also finds joy in traveling and whenever he has a long break, likes to visit his dream destinations around the world.

Leo is active on social media and you can get in touch with him on his Instagram to know more about him and Glore Jewelry.

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