Benny Da Jeweller Takes Custom Jewellery to New Heights

Benny Da Jeweller Takes Custom Jewellery to New Heights

Modern-day celebrities, especially rappers or hip-hop artists, are rocking jewellery, with custom pieces especially. It's a way of complimenting their outfits and making them stand out or to make a fashion statement.

To be precise, the American entertainment industry is widely associated with artists donning jewellery, including chains, rings, and watches. It has made US custom jewellery among the top in the world with the best jewellers.

Benny Nisanov, a top jeweller in the United States, is among the artists taking the industry by storm. Benny, or @bennydajeweler as he is popularly known, is one of the celebrity jewellers designing some of the sleek custom pieces of jewellery you see celebrities donning. At 30, he is taking custom jewellery to the next level with his unique and astonishing designs.

Born to Russian parents, Benny was raised in New York City and learned jewellery art from his father who worked in the jewellery business for 20 years before retiring and leaving Benny to take over his legacy. Benny hit the headlines back in 2016 with his high-end jewellery. This was after he sold some custom pieces to Casanova, a renowned rapper. The rapper was more than impressed with Benny's work sharing his fanciful talent with other artists in the industry. It marked the beginning of his fortunes in the jewellery business as he was getting all sorts of high personality clientele, including Pop Smoke, the rapper turned athlete Tim Hardaway Jr.

A master of his craft, Benny receives designs and instructions from clients, adds his magic, then comes up with a piece that matches the clients' expectations. His process is quite simple and unique; he receives the orders with expectations, sketches a draft, reshapes it to meet clients' needs then carves out a wooden prototype of the final product to give a three-dimensional view. Upon the client's approval, Benny will then get started to bring out a high-quality piece within the client's budget. The average waiting time is generally two weeks for the small pieces but close to a month for the more significant pieces.

It's no doubt that Benny runs the show in the jewellery business, most of his creations go beyond $10,000. He recently sold a custom piece for $100k to Lil Tjay and closed another transaction of $250K with Mary J. Blige. Benny is also working on four custom pieces for French Montana, a global superstar, but he is yet to determine how much they will cost.

His works have made him a household name, earning him loyal clients including the well-known music producer, Diddy and the late Pop Smoke. Diddy has been instrumental in pushing Benny's brand as he has constantly influenced his friends to also buy from Benny. Benny had the opportunity to design and hand-deliver a custom diamond chain to Diddy's mom for her birthday.

Before passing on, Pop Smoke was always passionate about Benny's pieces and proudly represented them as he considered him his fellow 'New York boy.' Through his Instagram, Benny recently shared a post with Pop Smoke to mark the first anniversary of his passing.

With the desire to scale his brand, Benny hopes to open another jewellery store that will be a branch of the original but within the United States.  

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