QminC wins Best Technology Innovation 2021 award from UK
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QminC wins Best Technology Innovation 2021 award from UK

Mr. Thanthit Yuenyongtechahiran, President, Tera Food and Beverage Ltd.
Mr. Thanthit Yuenyongtechahiran, President, Tera Food and Beverage Ltd.

Only Thai brand of health drinks garnering global recognition for its mission to keep Thais healthy as the only preservative-free brand

QminC, the turmeric extract health beverage from Tera Food and Beverage Ltd., has reached a major global success milestone after it was awarded ‘Best Technology Innovation’ at the Zenith InnoBev Awards 2021. The awards edition was the fifth hosted by Zenith Global, the UK-based food and drinks expert, to search for the brands with industry-best innovations. The award presented to QminC was in recognition of its quality as a product and its manufacturing innovation – a guarantee for a brand on a mission to deliver good health to consumers as the only Thai brand to contain no preservatives. The recognition brings great reputation and pride to Thailand.

“Today we take pride in the fact that QminC is the only Thai brand to be awarded on this global stage,” said Mr. Thanthit Yuenyongtechahiran, President, Tera Food and Beverage Ltd. “It was among more than 180 leading brands from around the world competing in 13 categories. QminC was also the only brand of health drinks to be nominated finalists in another two categories for Best Functional Drink and Best New Drink Concept. QminC selects quality raw materials and uses an advanced innovation from Japan. We use turmeric, whose healing property has been known for thousands of years, as we have more of the main ingredient in QminC than any other in the industry. QminC is the first brand to elevate the health drinks industry by not containing preservatives because they could be a cause of cancer. Besides, the extract has been developed into nano-sized particles to make it condense and absorb far better than turmeric in general, so your body can benefit from it instantly. The ingredient is coated with liposome to keep it odourless, making it easy to drink and suiting consumers’ taste buds.” 

‘QminC’ won ‘Best Technology Innovation’ at the Zenith InnoBev Awards 2021

“We set out to make a beverage that is really good for health and is accessible for all Thai people. We also invested in building our own factory in Nakhon Ratchasima to bring QminC’s manufacturing up to international standards. Completed in 2019, the factory has a monthly capacity to produce around 5-7 million bottles. Every bottle of QminC is assured to be of high standard and the product is always readily available at over 500,000 modern trade and traditional trade outlets.”

Another special thing about the technology of QminC is that, despite containing no preservatives, it can be kept as long as 12 months without losing the benefits. This is because the manufacturer focuses on the health of consumers and wants to give them an alternative beverage. In addition to standardised production lines, QminC attaches importance to sustainable management of resources by designing environmentally friendly packaging. Every component of QminC’s packaging is 100% recyclable, be it the glass bottle, the label or the aluminium screw cap. 

“We decided to use the clear glass bottle because it does not produce a chemical reaction to the beverage. As such, it is considered most suitable packaging for a health beverage. Moreover, consumers can see the product inside every time before they consume it, which gives them further assurance of the quality and safety.”

That QminC turmeric extract health beverage from Thailand – developed and created by Thai people – garnered the major ‘Best Technology Innovation’ award at the Zenith InnoBev Awards 2021 by Zenith Global, the food and drinks expert in the UK, is testament to the brand’s achievement regarding its properties, quality and great taste. The award also testifies to the commitment to product development coupled with implementation of advanced technology to offer consumers more choices while meeting their exact needs. 

The main goal for QminC is to be the leader in the health beverage industry with success in Thailand and worldwide. Tera Food and Beverage will continue to move forward to fulfill that intention. 

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