Volvo Cars open a new experience Customer Service Center to support digital services

Volvo Cars open a new experience Customer Service Center to support digital services

“VOLVO Customer Relations Center (CRC)”

  • Support for digital services installed in all new Volvo cars.
  • Support for selling Volvo cars via Volvo Cars Thailand website.
  • Support services related to providing information about products, sales, and after-sales services.
  • Support for providing information and assistance via the Volvo Cars App.
  • Support and coordinate in emergencies when receiving SOS signals from Volvo cars.
  • Covering the service through the number 02-161 4144, 24 hours a day, giving customers peace of mind as if there are security guards along the way
  • Provide full service from August 1, 2021, onwards

Bangkok: Volvo Cars Thailand is committed to developing its digital operations in response to the ever-changing consumer behavior in line with its latest ‘People are the Core of Everything We Do’ philosophy. A fully integrated digital ‘VOLVO Customer Relations Center (CRC)’ is scheduled to provide full service from August 1, 2021; customers can contact the Customer Relations Center (CRC) on 02-161-4144 for 24-hour support. 

With this move, Volvo is changing the traditional customer service center to become a central data center that will coordinate all the digital support channels, including the Volvo Cars App. The app supports the sale of Volvo cars through the website, takes care of transactions both before and after the sale and provides 24 hours emergency notification and assistance via the vehicle’s automated SOS signals. It is almost like Volvo is watching over its customers all along the route they take, guarding them, ready to assist throughout the lifetime of Volvo cars.

Mr. Chris Wailes, Managing Director of Volvo Cars (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “Upgrading the potential of this service center is part of Volvo’s structural strategy to create a better future under the concept ‘Change Today for a Better Future’. We designed the CRC to operate primarily through a digital network. The idea is to support and provide a full range of Digital Services starting from selling 100%  electric Volvo cars via the website. The Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric is the first model released through this channel. Other Volvo electric vehicles will also be launched on this platform. 

The Volvo Cars App will support customers by providing quick answers and immediate assistance. The highlight is the new SOS emergency signal feature. The signal from the vehicle via Volvo’s smart driving technology alerts the CRC. The digital customer service center then responds and comes to the aid of the customers. This is regardless of the channel the customer uses to contact the CRC.”

The VOLVO Customer Relations Center (CRC) is more than just a quick response hotline. It also integrates operations on a fully integrated digital network. Its main responsibilities include:

Supporting the service of the ‘full electric vehicle distribution channel (Pure Electric)’ through the website 

This gives customers the freedom to design their dream electric vehicle from anywhere via the website:

Customers can choose decorative patterns, colors and add-on packages to check the total price immediately, without any obligation. If satisfied, they press ‘send’. Once the CRC receives the information, a team of experts will contact the customer within one hour* to confirm and make sure everything is according to plan and procedure. They will then fix an appointment for the customer to pick up the car at a dealer near their home equipped with after-sales satisfaction inquiry service. They will also help install the Volvo Cars App to make every operation as convenient for customers as possible.

Service via the Volvo Cars App

In addition to checking the status and controlling the car’s operation online from anywhere, customers can use the Volvo Cars App to contact the CRC for inquiries. The app will also help trace the vehicle if stolen and notify emergency assistance 24 hours a day. As soon as the car starts, the app immediately connects to the driving system so that customers can control all the apps in Google Services, including entertainment apps like Spotify and other third-party apps on Google Play.

Receive SOS emergency signal directly from the car in the event of an accident.

All Volvo electric cars are equipped with a free SIM card to contact CRC online free of charge* in a collision and when the airbag system is activated. In addition, the vehicle will send an emergency SOS signal to the CRC to inform of the vehicle coordinates. Thus, directly connecting the CRC to the driver without the driver making the call himself or pressing a button. If a callback signal from the driver is not received, or if the driver is unconscious, the CRC will immediately contact a rescue team near the scene to provide immediate assistance. Thus, reducing the chance of loss of life and increasing the safety of driving a Volvo.

* Conditions specified by Volvo apply.

Contact and coordination service via 02-161-4144

Volvo’s quality CRC service team can also coordinate with specialists, including sales, technicians and other support personnel, who are available 24 hours to answer all inquiries about Volvo products, services, packages and promotions. This is all done in one place without customers having to waste time trying to contact the specialists.

“In addition to committing to becoming a fully electric vehicle manufacturer by 2030, Volvo is committed to investing in all areas of its operations in line with this vision. This includes upgrading the efficiency of the CRC. The company has several digital business-transformation plans to increase the comfort and safety of our customers and promote business growth through the introduction of alternative clean energy vehicles. Volvo will continue to create a sustainable future of the world,” added Mr. Chris Wailes.

For more information about the product and the list of Volvo service centers, please get in touch with the Customer Service Center 02-161-4144. You can view the latest company news on the website.

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