Pathway to 21st Century Skills Development

Pathway to 21st Century Skills Development

SEAC and Code School Finland join forces to prepare Thailand students for tomorrow’s jobs

In today’s fast-paced and technological world, parents are looking for educational experiences that will build future skills and enable their children to play meaningful roles and realise their full potential in the digital economy. This is a challenge for teachers and schools. Meeting this challenge requires both a new curriculum and a new approach to teaching that gives students hands-on experience to build capability, confidence, and lifelong learning skills. 

SEAC as a Lifelong Learning Center working in collaboration with Code School Finland – the Leading Provider of 21st Century Skills Development, offers a curriculum and pedagogy which have been independently evaluated, and earned a Quality Certificate for Learning Solutions by the Education Alliance Finland:

Ms. Arinya Talerngsri, Chief Capability Officer & Managing Director of SEAC said “I am delighted, excited, and honoured to be working with Code School Finland. When I founded my business almost 30 years ago, it was my mission to help Thailand and its people upskill to take their place in the first rank of global economies and to equip everyone with the skillsets and mindsets to find meaningful and rewarding careers and to empower their lives through learning. The digital transformation sweeping through business and every facet of our lives has added even greater urgency to the need for reskilling and upskilling and we will be failing a whole generation of students if we don’t act now. 

The Digital Economy is a gamechanger in terms of opportunity. It offers an entry point and boundless possibilities to anyone with future skills and an entrepreneurial and lifelong learning mindset – regardless of their background. I searched globally for the best partner to work with me to help meet this need and Code School Finland stood out clearly as the only learning partner capable of delivering a full K-12 curriculum in ICT, Coding, AI, and Robotics. More than this though was the unique Design Project-Based Learning pedagogy that builds critical future soft skills in the 4Cs of Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication – and entrepreneurial and lifelong learning mindsets. With their comprehensive teacher training to support their curriculum and pedagogy, we have all the pieces necessary to rethink how we prepare our children for the future world. 

We have a unique opportunity to transform the futures of millions of young people in Thailand. I also believe we have an obligation to do so for the sake of our children and the future wellbeing of our country. SEAC is proud to be part of the solution and we look forward to working with Code School Finland to affect the most meaningful change in education in Thailand for many decades.”

Kaisu Pallaskallio, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Code School Finland believes that coding is today’s language of creativity and success; she’s also a great believer in lifelong learning who aims to help all children to become creators instead of consumers of computer science. 

“Bringing education from a country to another is not always easy. Code School Finland’s award-winning pedagogical model has been developed and tested in Finnish schools while SEAC has extensive experience in developing and delivering education in Thailand. This partnership will help to contextualise the solution to the requirements of Thailand. We can help to train teachers with no prior computing background to effectively facilitate multidisciplinary, open-ended programming projects for their students. The learner-centric approach empowers teachers and learners to practice 21st-century skills. By joining forces with SEAC, we can offer a solution that works in the daily lives of Thai schools, teachers, and students. This is yet another step towards our mission: helping all the children in the world to learn skills they will need in the future”, said Kaisu Pallaskallio, CEO and Founder of Code School Finland.

Together, SEAC and Code School Finland provide a localised Thai language solution with a complete K-12 curriculum for ICT, Coding, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. The powerful pedagogy of Design Project-Based Learning teaches students how to solve problems using the ‘4Cs’: creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. 

The Code School Finland approach begins with the teachers. A comprehensive and certified training program engages them with this radical new approach to learning and building lifelong learning skills for their students. No science or math background is required to teach this curriculum and students are encouraged and required to apply their digital and technology skills across the wider school curriculum. The curriculum and pedagogy have been designed by an outstanding team of learning professionals and data scientists to equip students with the confidence and capability to learn the skills of today and the future. 

SEAC has built a team of local trainers who are ready to train Thai teachers in the Code School Finland pedagogy and programs. Program licenses will be offered to schools alongside the teacher training and all teacher and student materials will be available in Thai. The SEAC training team will actively support deployment and will work with schools, students, and teachers to continually update the programs to reflect developments in future skill requirements. SEAC will also facilitate sponsorship programs with the corporate sector to ensure that all schools can benefit from future skills training.  

About Code School Finland 

Code School Finland helps educators in all countries to implement a 21st-century skills program by developing teachers’ professional competence and providing ready-made materials and tools. The CSF curriculum introduces coding, robotics, and artificial intelligence for K-12 while putting a strong emphasis on the development of 21st-century skills. Detailed teaching materials, assessment tools, teacher training, and continuous support empower the schools to adopt the pedagogical model and manage an effective roll-out of high-quality education no matter what the teachers’ background. 

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