Siam Piwat co-creates new digital retail ecosystem

Siam Piwat co-creates new digital retail ecosystem

with leading tech firm Perx Technologies to connect global consumers and brands

❖ Siam Piwat and Perx are co-developing a new digital retail ecosystem to connect retailers and business partners with its robust global customer base. ❖ To optimise satisfaction and retain Siam Piwat’s number one position in the minds of Thai and foreign visitors, Siam Piwat will harness Perx’s capabilities to drive meaningful customer engagement through a new loyalty-rewards program. ❖ Powered by Perx’s advanced gamification, bespoke engagement mechanics and sophisticated rules engine, Siam Piwat is set to immerse users in an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind digital experience, with plans to amplify the connection between the real and virtual worlds and evolve towards a metaverse in the future.

Siam Piwat, the owner and operator of Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery and a joint venture partner of ICONSIAM and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, on 4 November 2021 announced its partnership with Perx Technologies, a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider that recently launched the world’s first ‘Lifestyle Marketing Platform (LMP).’ Through this partnership, Siam Piwat and Perx have collaboratively developed a never-before-seen digital experience that will expand its customer base, currently consisting of Thai and international consumers with high purchasing power, even further across the world through global partners. At the same time, customers will have access to an eye-popping range of benefits and privileges through a new hyper-personalised and highly-rewarding loyalty program.

One of Siam Piwat’s visions is to pioneer new business models and develop “a digital ecosystem” in collaboration with world-class partners to manage customer relationships to expand into new markets (Loyalty Program), diversify its customer bases, accelerate growth, and enhance competitiveness. While interacting with the activities enhanced by integrated gamification features on the platform, customers can avail themselves of a full range of benefits and privileges, such as cash vouchers and not-to-be-missed reward campaigns, as well as enjoy highly-engaging immersive shopping experiences that will truly exceed all their expectations.

The ground-breaking co-creation between Siam Piwat, and Perx, will shift the paradigm of the retail industry by:

  1. Dynamically engaging customers and their evolving lifestyles through meaningful and rewarding customer journeys which aim to offer an elevated and seamless integration of offline and online experiences and can swiftly adapt to the customers’ need to enhance convenience;
  2. Leveraging the platform’s integrated advanced gamification elements and sophisticated loyalty management capabilities to excite and engage users as well as operates a loyalty program that offers more hyper-personalised rewards than ever and creates a shopping experience where purchases are made to elevate the quality of life and enhance potential;
  3. Establishing a lifestyle ecosystem that satisfies and benefits everyone in it, including both retailers and customers. The current COVID-19 crisis has encouraged Thai people to help and support one another. Staying true to its long-standing commitment to fair business practices and creating benefits for all partners, Siam Piwat is developing “a digital ecosystem” that brings mutual benefits and value to manufacturers, distributors, and consumers through the concept of driving business towards sustainability through the co-creation of shared value.

Mr. Axel Winter, Chief Digital Officer of Siam Piwat, said, “Through this partnership, Siam Piwat is launching a digital platform that will connect its retailers, and business partners across the world as well as introducing a new loyalty program that will further expand its vibrant customer base in Thailand and overseas so as to secure the number one spot in the minds of the customers and business partners in a more meaningful way. Siam Piwat has been remarkably successful in shaping physical experiences that surpass expectations, with all of its shopping centres winning various global-level accolades and driving significant growth for many world-class and local brands. In the past two years, Siam Piwat has significantly invested in the development of a significant data ecosystem, understanding customer and partner needs better to enable our new digital platform business and establish digital experience leadership. This partnership with Perx will push Siam Piwat to the forefront of integrated offline-online innovation as a pioneer of a digital ecosystem-led business model that can better address customer needs and deepen engagement with both Thai and international consumers. Siam Piwat also has plans to amplify the connection between the real and virtual worlds and evolve towards a metaverse in the near future.”

“Pandemic or not, the retail industry has always had the fastest reaction time to counter changes in consumer behaviour and market forces. Having worked with leading brands across industries, we are thrilled to support and enable Siam Piwat to transform the Thai retail scene and wow its customers and partners, one micro-experience at a time. Perx’s LMP will enable Siam Piwat to innovate beyond their core business models and create a monetizable and refreshing lifestyle ecosystem around its closed-loop network of consumers, partners, and merchants. We look forward to helping Siam Piwat build a moat around its retail customers by meaningfully increasing consumer-brand touchpoints,” said Anna Gong, CEO, Perx Technologies.

“Perx’s API First Approach-operated LMP will connect Siam Piwat with brands and business partners with Loyalty Program, which will become a retail ecosystem of the future that leads to sustainability and can swiftly respond to the diverse needs of the customers. The partnership’s future roadmap also includes a deeply embedded B2B2C go-to-market strategy that will enable Siam Piwat to offer the Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform (LMP) to other retail businesses in the Thai market effectively,” added Anna Gong.

Get ready to experience seamless offline-online integration and a diverse array of privileges – a new milestone for the retail industry through the partnership of Siam Piwat and Perx Technologies.

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