AIS 5G levels up 5G service in Thailand
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AIS 5G levels up 5G service in Thailand

to an astounding 4 Gbps Supporting national recovery amid challenges

AIS continues to develop the power of smart 5G networks, building on the first service launch in February 2020. The company holds the most spectra in every waveband – high medium and low – covering every possible service use case. The company has continued to exploit the potential of its network for the company’s benefit with new technology such as 5G SA – VoNR – 5G CA. The latest innovation is “5G mmWave” which can attain speeds of 4 Gbps, a first for Thailand, and the experience will be delivered to every sector.

Wasit Wattanasap, Head of Nationwide Operations and Support Department, AIS

Wasit Wattanasap, Head of Nationwide Operations and Support Department at AIS, commented, “We remain committed to exploiting the potential of AIS 5G smart networks for all Thai people to enjoy a better user experience. Various limitations have not been a barrier to upgrading Thai lifestyles with world-class digital technology. We were the first in Thailand to develop and provide service with 5G NSA/SA from the 2600 MHz waveband to boost efficiency with high speeds and low latency. We added to that with the launch of Voice over 5G New Radio (VoNR) for the first time in Thailand which gives high quality voice transmissions on our fast and robust 5G network.”

To give customers an even better user experience, AIS integrated the mid-range frequency of 2600 MHz and the low frequency of 700 MHz to develop 5G CA in a worldwide first. This gave a 1.7x boost to the company’s data transmission capabilities. Now is another crucial step to develop the Thai tech industry to global standards with successful trials of 5G Millimeter Wave (5G mmWave) for the first time, using the high-frequency 26 GHz spectrum, which is faster than any other wave band.

In trials of the high-frequency 26 GHz spectrum, which were considered highly satisfactory, AIS achieved 4 Gbps speeds over a distance of 5.5km, which is useful for many use cases such as Fixed Wireless Access. Now the service is to be launched to the Thai public on devices supporting 5G mmWave technology on AIS 5G. This has made AIS the first and only operator to innovate its 5G network in every frequency band, which has been the stated intention ever since AIS entered the auctions for spectra.

Wasit concluded, “AIS is clearly the service provider exploiting every frequency band of its available spectra, supporting business growth in a variety of aspects. This includes changing use among Thai consumers. We believe that the power of AIS 5G network tech will be a key driver of Thai economic growth. Today we have installed infrastructure catering to every need, to fulfil our commitment of becoming a Digital Life Service Provider to every degree possible.”

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