Yerushalmi Law Firm aka Injury Needs on Instagram Reveals New Trends in Influencer Injury

Yerushalmi Law Firm aka Injury Needs on Instagram Reveals New Trends in Influencer Injury

Thanks to the rise of social media, an entirely new workforce has emerged—the influencer era. With influencers new and old dominating the Instagram space, a new frontier of work habits, structure and career paths have been forged. As a young professional himself, having grown up during the rise of social media, up-and-coming injury lawyer David Yerushalmi has exposed another side of injury law that has really only recently become relevant—influencer injury.

Yerushalmi has uncovered an unsuspecting area of injury law that is highly correlated to the work of influencers. When an influencer/friend of his expressed her frustration with not being able to shoot content or work as a result of a burn she suffered while at a hair appointment, Yerushalmi realised the relevance of injury law and how it could pertain to the up-and-coming influencer industry. In a new area that continues to be explored, Yerushalmi has been one of the first to work with insurance companies, helping them understand the loss of work and engagement that can occur in influencers after an injury.

With these influencers depending on social media as their livelihood, insurance companies are beginning to take note of just how significant the impact of an injury can be for content creators. While for years, social media has been viewed as a trivial subculture, Yerushalmi has proven many times how integral the industry is for influencers and content creators. Utilising the expertise of neuropsychologists and other medical professionals to evaluate his clients well-being after certain injuries, Yerushalmi has successfully proven and provided the evidence and reports needed to acquire desired settlements from insurance companies. 

Today, as one of the only lawyers exposing the injury side of the influencer industry, Yersuhalmi has helped countless content creators seek justice and reparations for injuries they have suffered. With an innate ability to relate to this demographic of clients as a young man himself, the rising injury lawyer has tapped into an area of law that most older attorneys would never think of. Appealing to younger clients and demographic, Yerushalmi Law Firm has even gone as far to create a successful and recognisable line of merchandise that showcases the firm in a fun, yet relatable way. 

Gaining experience and expertise in this new field of injury law, Yerushalmi has taken the time to understand the impact of injuries on influencers, how it can negatively impact their online engagement, and even result in loss of work and income. Dealing with micro influencers as well as mega influencers, Yerushalmi has managed to win high settlements regardless. Despite the fact that the world of influencers is one that is still evolving by the day, Yerushalmi’s understanding of the industry is evident by the success he’s seen in influencer injury settlements, with more on the horizon. 

To learn more about Yerushalmi Law Firm, visit their website or follow David on Instagram.

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