Private View - Ferrari Full Range
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Private View - Ferrari Full Range

Cavallino Motors Ferrari Thailand organised another dazzling event “Private View – Ferrari Full Range” inviting customers to journey through the Ferrari universe to see all the latest Ferrari models in one place, be it a racing car or the rare Classiche model.

With the latest technological innovation, the customers could experience every detail under strict Covid-19 measures which welcomes a maximum of 20 guests per round. 

While on the journey, customers had the opportunity to create their own personal dream Ferrari with a Personalisation Configurator as well as learn more about the Prancing Horse’s proud heritage. 

The event was organised into six zones as follows:

Ferrari DNA / Discover the Legend - We are driven by passion both on the road and on the track and we constantly strive for excellence by creating cars that are unique in terms of performance, innovation, technology, and design – and the pleasure they give their owners to look at and to drive. The 488 Challenge EVO was also displayed here to reflect the soul and the DNA of Ferrari racing cars.

New Model Range / Realise the Dream –  Because we know well that each driver is unique, we prepare a myriad of Ferrari models to meet the uniqueness of each Ferrarista. The display of Ferrari cars currently on offer ranged from the SF90 Stradale, Ferrari Roma to the Portofino M. Despite the evolution and development every Ferrari model has gone through, what remains is the performance, the passion and the pleasure of driving.

Personalisation / Share the Style – Welcoming Ferrari customers with a desire to customise their dream cars. Ferrari offers multiple options and comprehensive advice from specialists to create their one and only Ferrari exclusively in the same way they seek out tailor-made suits.

Ferrari Community / Join the Family – The Ferrari Universe offers activities and special services you can indulge in once you join the Ferrari Family. The pinnacle of such activities is the Cavalcade, an annual event where Ferrari owners gather to participate in the most exclusive driving events on the most iconic roads and places throughout Italy.

Pre-Owned Ferrari / Own the Legacy – Every pre-owned Ferrari has been certified by the “Ferrari Approved” program designed to guarantee maximum safety and peace of mind for the owner. The program ensures that the car is as perfect as the day it left our factory. Every car must pass over 190 rigorous technical checks and controls; a detailed and thorough inspection conducted by Ferrari’s very own experienced technicians.

Aftersales / Experience the Excellence  - Ferrari has developed many maintenance programs to care for the customers’ cars such as the Seven-Year Maintenance Program, “Genuine Maintenance”, for all new cars. Ferrari also offers “MainPower”, an after-sales service for all Ferraris at the end of their seven-year maintenance program. 

“Ferrari Premium” is a new maintenance program, designed to ensure that your Ferrari is in perfect working order. Last but not least, “Ferrari New Power”, offers an extended warranty for all Prancing Horse cars with a coverage of 15 years. 

We still have “Ferrari Genuine”, a range of high-quality accessories designed for aesthetics and enhanced performance. The “Officina Classiche” gives the customer a chance to bring in their classic Ferrari for inspection and maintenance where the car will be guaranteed of their original specification. The classic F355 was also on display. 

Cavallino Motors has transformed Cavallino Motors Showroom into the Ferrari Universe, where the customer can journey virtually to the factory in Maranello, from 19-21 November 2021. Indulge in the history and inspiration that drive the Ferrari Brand - one of the very few lauded as a “true legend”.

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