Awarded Knighthood in the order of Merit of the Italian republic

Awarded Knighthood in the order of Merit of the Italian republic

H.E. Mr. Lorenzo Galanti, Ambassador of Italy to the Kingdom of Thailand, presented the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic with the rank of Knight (Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana) to Mr. Chakrit Benedetti, Managing Director of Italasia Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd., which is awarded to selected individuals who have acquired merit for the nation, recently at the Embassy of Italy in Bangkok.

The bestowment of the Order appropriately recognises Mr. Benedetti’s dedication to developing the relationship between Thailand and Italy through the trading business. Mr. Benedetti, or Max, as he is most known, represents the 3rd generation of the Thai-Italian family business that provides hospitality services and sourcing of various imported products and brands that are widely seen and used in hotels, homes, restaurants, entertainment venues and coffee cafes. In 2022, Italasia will be celebrating its 60th anniversary and Mr. Benedetti, representing his family to lead the firm, is very proud to have received this award and its honour to the Benedetti family.

“Our family is greatly honoured by this award of the Order of Merit. I deeply appreciate the recognition of the successful business begun by my grandparents 59 years ago, a heritage I have had the good fortune to serve and be a part of. I shall continue to devote and do my best to do things which are good for both Italy and Thailand, using the trading business as a bridge for good relations and making our own small contribution to the support of both economies,” says Mr. Benedetti.

It is hoped by the Benedetti family that this prestigious award also serves as an inspiration to others to focus their energies and talents on activities which are of long-lasting benefit to society and on creating inroads for positive mutual relations between nations and individuals in all areas of our lives.

About The Order of Merit of the Italian Republic: The Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Italian: Ordine al merito della Repubblica Italiana) was founded as the senior order of knighthood by the second President of the Italian Republic, Luigi Einaudi in 1951. The highest ranking honour of the Republic, it is awarded for "merit acquired by the nation" in the fields of literature, the arts, economy, public service, and social, philanthropic and humanitarian activities and for long and conspicuous service in civilian and military careers. The post-nominal letters for the Order are OMRI.

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