Dhipaya Insurance joins hands with SkillLane

Dhipaya Insurance joins hands with SkillLane

Aiming to become the No.1 Digital Insurer and achieve digital transformation with the power of humans

Dhipaya Insurance has pursued its commitment and determination to become Thailand’s No.1 Digital Insurer through human resource development by partnering with SkillLane, the country’s top online learning and digital training platform, to equip over 1,000 employees of all levels with knowledge and skills using over 800 online courses. Dhipaya Insurance also applied the “Learn & Play Culture” to develop the potential and capabilities of its employees, who play an important role in driving the organisation towards sustainable digital transformation success in the future.

“The world has increasingly moved into the digital era and technology has become an inseparable part of our daily lives,” Dr Somporn Suebthawilkul, Chief Executive Officer of Dhipaya Group Holdings Public Co, Ltd and Managing Director of Dhipaya Insurance Public Co, Ltd said on 29 November 2021. “Dhipaya Insurance is a leading digital insurer and has promoted innovations and the application of technologies in the organisation to transform it into a well-rounded digital agency. Key to these changes is our employees who are the main engine in driving the company towards successful sustainable digital transformation in the future. We have therefore placed great importance on human resource development and are preparing everyone involved to be always ready.”

Dhipaya Insurance, therefore, has continued its human resource development by encouraging and facilitating its employees to learn and improve their abilities through online courses on SkillLane, a leading digital online learning platform which is well-equipped with sophisticated technologies and a variety of instructors. Under this partnership, Dhipaya Insurance brought its learning courses to SkillLane’s platform, including insurance for Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection prevention course and other digital courses. The courses provided were well-suited to and responded to the needs of employees at all levels. Each of them was initiated following analysis and selection of the knowledge required in the insurance field as well as the necessary digital skills to ensure their success in the digital era.

“SkillLane is an online learning platform that enables anyone to learn and improve themselves continuously anywhere, anytime, especially during the Covid-19 period, which is a factor that makes it difficult for companies to hold physical trainings as usual,” Titipong Pisitwuttinun, Chief Executive Officer of SkillLane Education Co, Ltd, said. “This results in many organisations turning to SkillLane for human resource development. Apart from being an online learning platform, we also support the companies by providing post-test and performance evaluation services to measure the employees’ learning performances, as well as to ensure that the employees have benefited from our platform and are able to adapt the knowledge learnt in driving the company forward. Most Dhipaya employees who took the courses on TIP X SkillLane platform said that they have high to highest levels of satisfaction. In addition to the performance evaluation, we can also provide advice on online training strategies for the most effective learning results for learners. Seeing a trend where organisations encourage employees to learn through short, concise, and easy-to-understand contents which help them to immediately apply the knowledge in real life, we have developed bite-sized contents that are easy to understand, essential for work, and can be practically transferred to the work instantly. The bite-sized contents come in the form of no longer than seven minutes long motion graphics. We keep improving this product consistently to better serve the companies.” 

“Dhipaya believes that the best learning results from the willingness of learners to gain new skills. The fact that their executives are role models and strong supporters of the employees’ learning has been an important factor in the success of the Learn & Play Culture,” further commented Dr Somporn. “The employees themselves prioritise learning. Another factor is that we have regular activities that promote the employees’ development, such as the TIP Idol project. These projects have successfully encouraged the learning journey of employees.”

“With the world moving further into the digital era, the human factor increasingly becomes the powerful force in driving any organisation forward. Dhipaya Insurance believes in that power and has a strong body of staff who are ready for all changes that will bring about the splendid and sustainable achievement of digital transformation.”

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