Finding a place to discover and buy roast coffee in Thailand through Coffee Culture
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Finding a place to discover and buy roast coffee in Thailand through Coffee Culture

Could you believe that coffee in Thailand back three decades ago was barely even known? The only coffee you could find in Thailand back then was Kafae Boran or instant coffee. But since the first Coffee World opened in Thailand in 1997, the Thai coffee culture has been an ever changing trend. Today, Thailand stands to be now the third-largest coffee producer in Asia, and has finally made its way through to the Top 10 coffee producers in the world. Today, you can go almost anywhere in Thailand and still find a coffee shop or two to enjoy that delicious fresh cup of coffee. But what’s next for Thai coffee culture?

With all the changes happening in our daily routines, as coffee drinkers, there’s no question that we simply HAVE TO HAVE a coffee maker of some sort at home. Could you imagine getting stuck in the house and NOT having coffee? We couldn’t.

Coffee Culture was born out of love for coffee and its country. An online store for buying fresh roasted coffee with delivery service throughout Thailand. We endeavour to make local coffee roasters available to the mainstream market online, and by utilising innovative marketing strategies. Through this, Susan Villota, Coffee Culture’s Founder & CEO, aims to improve the conditions for both the coffee roasters and coffee drinkers of Thailand.

Coffee Culture was built to be a place where you can buy fresh roasted coffee beans and pre-ground coffee from different coffee roasters in Thailand. It’s a one stop shop for all coffee solutions with delivery service throughout Thailand and fast shipping worldwide. Making it easier to source coffee supplies & corporate gifts for your business without the need to communicate in Thai, it’s also an easy place to source green or roasted coffee beans to export from Thailand internationally without having to travel to Thailand. 

Providing an alternative for making coffee at home and at the office, through offering a variety of different coffee makers, accessories and roast coffee available online for a one stop coffee shopping experience. 

Why We Started & What Is Our Drive

We started Coffee Culture in order to share the delicious coffee available from local farmers and roasters in Thailand. We were bored of the small choice of coffee beans and blends available in supermarkets. We wanted to taste and buy different coffees from local coffee roasters around Thailand. We launched a kickstarter campaign to see if there others felt the same. It was an awakening moment for us, as we saw there were many others like us looking for local coffee varieties available in Thailand. 

Coffee Culture is driven by a love for good coffee as well as a love for Thailand. Our online marketplace is open to allow any coffee roaster to sell their products online and directly to their potential customers without the need to speak English. Through the online coffee store, we endeavour to help local Thais generate passive income with their coffee products as well as their talents. One example of this is our collaboration with a local Thai artist Likit Tunoud. Khun Likit has designed a limited edition Thai Ink Art Coffee Mug for us with a unique design and only 100 mugs available in the world. More collaborations are to come. 

Aspiring to give back to Thailand for a better future, we work closely with local charities. Coffee Culture designates a percentage of matching coffee product sales to support life bags for those in need, funds to help look after Phuket’s stray dog and cat population, and donations of food and toys to less fortunate children in orphanages for a happier life. 

Together with our local farmers, roasters and artists, we know we can and will make a difference. 

Coffee Innovations & Doing What Others Don’t Dare Do

We are constantly trying to bring new endeavours to our clients with programs like Coffee Cash Back, a points system that gives our customers a chance to redeem a cash back discount on their next coffee order as well as incorporating crypto payments, offering coffee subscriptions, online redeemable gift cards and more. With the changes of the digital world we are constantly innovating new product lines, coffee services and integrating new technology. 

One of our latest projects is working with cafés around Thailand. These cafés use coffee beans from Coffee Culture. The idea behind this is to create good synergies as well as a customer cycle for currently smaller, and lesser known cafés. 

What’s Next For Coffee Culture Thailand?

Coffee Culture is still a young company with a little more than a year, but we are definitely looking to expand continuously. We firmly believe that a key way to grow our business and continue to help local coffee farmers and roasters is by being able to export the amazing coffee that Thailand produces to the world. Recently, we’ve exported coffee to Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the US. While we are taking baby steps at the moment, we are confident that it is just a matter of time until we can grow globally. It is a big aspiration for all of us at Coffee Culture, especially due to the fact that we started our company in the midst of a massive economic struggle.

Please visit Coffee Culture’s website for more information and to see their products, or chat with their team for coffee recommendations, HERE.

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