JR Bissell and Pirate Gold Coins Turns Ancient Jewellery into a Fashionable Asset
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JR Bissell and Pirate Gold Coins Turns Ancient Jewellery into a Fashionable Asset

“Riches you hold in your hands are inferior to treasures you store in your heart,” Canadian philosopher Matshona Dhliwayo once said.

While Dhliwayo’s metaphor may strike a chord with many, it’s unlikely to resonate with patrons of entrepreneur JR Bissell’s Pirate Gold Coins. Offering an unrivalled variety of ancient artifacts and jewels for acquisition, the Bissell-led venture has established a foothold as the premier source of ‘treasures for your treasure,’ giving the opportunity to adorn your loved one in the finest jewellery that once sailed the Seven Seas.

As a lifelong fan of Golden Age pirates, Bissell has rededicated his adult life to finding the best of the best of buried treasures around the world to sell at Pirate Gold Coins, which hosts an expansive collection ranging from coins to dinosaur bones all the way to ancient hieroglyphics. Now, as the business continually grows, Bissell has found a new, unexpected demand at Pirate Gold Coins: ancient jewellery.

Between treasures from more than a millennia past, like a Byzantine gold cage ring from approximately the 5th century A.D. and Egyptian snake rings the 3rd century A.D., or collectibles stretching as far back as before the common era, including Roman Imperial coin pendants and Indo-Bactrian garnet-studded necklaces, Bissell’s eon-stretching stock offers a unique piece for everyone across a variety of historic time periods. Built by ancient craftsmanship techniques now lost to time, the ancient jewellery’s beauty is at once matched by its distinct role as a conversation piece and simultaneously vast potential for financial return.

“They say a diamond is forever, because if you ever go to sell it (unless it's 8 carats, or something really rare) you’ll realise how badly you overpaid,” says Bissell. “Diamonds unfortunately aren’t rare; in fact, they are even growing them these days. But what if you could actually buy something of true rarity that doesn’t destroy your pocketbook. Some jewellery of course appreciates like some Rolexes and other things but in general, most of these purchases depreciate.”

“Wearing a piece of shipwreck treasure is something completely unique and will set you apart from the crowds,” Bissell went on to say. “The story behind it is truly romanticised, considering the treasure heading back on the Fleet Shipwreck was going to Princess Farnesse as her wedding dowry to consummate her marriage to King Philip V. Not only that, these gorgeous treasures have been at the bottom of the ocean for 300 years. The history and thought behind who was the last person to hold these pieces, what it has seen, can completely fill your mind with thoughts of the open sea, kings and queens, along with pirates pillaging the oceans.”

While traditional high-end women’s presents like designer handbags and luxury watches have made a name for themselves as investment pieces, most purses don’t compare to the potential long-term investment that is a piece of ancient jewellery. Known for their steady appreciation of value, collectibles are perennially backed by the limited number of pieces that exist in the world; when comparing a pendant from the 1700’s to a piece of jewellery or bag manufactured and easily replicated in the 21st century, the potential return of investment is astronomically higher given its inherent one-of-a-kind nature.

“The only tough part is being patient when you’re in the market, because these precious treasures don’t just fall off trees, but that’s the same reason you will be so happy when you go to offer it again to the open market,” says Bissell. “Pirate Gold Coins searches the entire planet to find a handful of these throughout the year and offer the best of the best for the best price. When you want to let go of the piece, Pirate Gold Coins will be absolutely thrilled to list it again. The piece is of course incredible because we already bought it once, so we are honoured to be able to offer it again.”

As an eye-catching and awe-inducing alternative to modern trinkets, Bissell’s Pirate Gold Coins offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give your significant other a jewelled piece of history, bestowing your partner with a treasure as highly valued as your love for them.

For more on Bissell’s Pirate Gold Coins and its range of ancient treasures, visit the website.

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