How Dr. Chris Zaino Uses His Regenerative Medicine Journey to Educate the World
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How Dr. Chris Zaino Uses His Regenerative Medicine Journey to Educate the World

Behind every success story is an inspirational figure pushing them towards greatness. For many struggling American men, that is Dr. Chris Zaino, the medical expert who’s shared his own personal struggles with incurable disease and abnormal biological chemistry and hormone rates to educate the masses on the powerful healing properties of regenerative medicine. A reoptimised man with a new lust for life, Zaino now takes to his acclaimed speaking career to spread the word far and wide about just what regenerative medicine has done for him – and can do for you, too.

Despite his storied past as a professional bodybuilder and his presently abundant life, things weren’t always been so streamlined for Zaino; a mid-thirties bout with issues like brain fog and depression led Zaino to seek out regenerative medicine to treat his low hormone and unbalanced chemistry powered treatments to balance his hormones and optimise Zaino’s human chemistry. The results paid off in spades, with Zaino achieving the physical performance of his youth and more so, bolstering the medical professional into such prime shape that he won Mr. Universe in 2016 – some two-and-a-half decades after he won the Mr. America title in the 90’s.

Though not having received widespread attention, many men regularly suffer from the same Hormonal imbalance issues Zaino had. Considering men’s chemistry and hormone levels deteriorate year after year, with some statistics reporting drops as much as 14 percent per decade on average, confidence-breaking symptoms like erectile dysfunction, increased fat and memory loss affect a huge portion of the U.S. men’s population with no clear resolution in sight. Solution in hand, Zaino encourages American men to look south of the border instead, where their symptoms can be solved effectively and legally by some of the world’s top medical professionals.

Now, Zaino acts as a living and breathing example on the wonders of what regenerative medicine can do for humanity's wellbeing, sharing his tale around the world and acting as an ambassador for Dr. Joel I. Osorio and Dr. Kristoffer T. Chaffin’s regenerative medicine clinic, RengenerAge, in Cancun, Mexico. As a staunch regenerative medicine advocate, Zaino now assumes the role of the health-centric hero he once needed, inspiring others to follow in his wake and seize the fate of their wellness back into their own hands.

To learn more about Dr. Chris Zaino and RegenerAge, visit Zaino’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and RegenerAge’s Instagram and website for further information on regenerative medicine.

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