Digital Marketing Tactics for Owners to Increase Sales: Chat and Customer Service
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Digital Marketing Tactics for Owners to Increase Sales: Chat and Customer Service

Cotactic Media is a leading collaborative and tactical digital marketing agency in Bangkok. With a renewal rate of over 80%, we collaborate with our clients to ensure impactful returns on their marketing investments.

With over six years of experience managing over a hundred different digital marketing campaigns, through Google and Facebook (Meta), we focus on developing the right marketing strategies and tactics for our clients with an understanding of their big dreams and return on investment.

Cotactic's, a digital marketing agency, main specialisations are lead generation, pay-per-click (PPC), and search engine optimisation (SEO) across industries such as banking, insurance, financial services, dietary products, e-commerce businesses, educational institutes, cosmetics, skin-care preparations, motor vehicle accessories, motor vehicle dealers and rentals, real estate, and hotels.

Welcome To The Chat Commerce Era

There is a big shift in Thai consumer shopping behaviour where more purchases are being made in chat. Thais love the human interaction aspects of shopping and they are open to building trust and forming relationships with the business or brand they are about to buy from. These shopping behaviours from chatting have shown lucrative impacts on customer buying decisions.

When Cotactic started out as a digital marketing agency in 2016, we had first-hand experience with sales made in chat. For one of our automobile clients, we launched a lead generation advertisement campaign on Facebook (Meta). Within a few days of the launch, we started to get inquiries from our Facebook (Meta) lead forms, comments, and chat messages in Facebook messenger. Within the first week, cars were being sold on Facebook messenger without customers needing to visit showrooms or wanting to test drive. Within the first month of Cotatic's lead generation campaign, we helped our partner achieve 508 times return-on-advertising-spend (ROAS) with a 3% sales conversion rate.

With the growth of online chat-shopping behaviour in Thailand, customers are expecting the highest level of service when communicating with businesses online. Customer service will complement, and play a critical role in the success of many online businesses, especially companies in the e-commerce space.

This is because customer expectations when shopping online are different from those when shopping in bricks-and-mortar stores. Not having physical stores to visit eliminates the convenience and security on which customers once relied. First interactions and high response rates are the keys to building customers' trust and boosting conversion rates.

As a digital marketing agency, Cotactic Media takes care of all of our partners’ marketing activities by planning and creating eye-catching content to push shoppers to interact with their brands. Our partners are thus free to shift their focus to providing sincere Thai hospitality and good customer service, thereby ensuring customers enjoy a happy online shopping experience.

If you are a business owner looking for a digital marketing agency to help you with marketing strategies and tactical plans, we welcome a conversation that may lead to a mutually beneficial collaboration. 

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