"Herbidus Medical Center": a new choice for cannabis treatments
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"Herbidus Medical Center": a new choice for cannabis treatments

“Herbidus Medical Center” Rises as New Choice for Medical Cannabis Treatments by Modern Medicine Practitioners Highlights Functional Medicine Treatments and Restoration of Bodily Balance via Cannabis Extracts

The spread of COVID-19 has prompted everybody in society to make life adjustments, with people increasingly refocusing their attention toward their health and the use of natural remedies. The Ministry of Public Health has announced the removal of cannabis from the list of Category 5 narcotics, and this has generated excitement within the medical circle as well as in the healthcare business landscape. There is now additional momentum behind the interest in researching and extracting benefits from cannabis legally. And while the repercussions of the pandemic have made it impossible for some businesses to carry on, healthcare businesses have experienced growth instead. Herbidus Medical Center is a medical clinic that has competence in the use of cannabis in medical treatments in full compliance with the law. Emphasis is placed on patient therapies that methodically corrects the body’s balance by making use of cannabis’s various qualities, Herbidus Medical Clinic, which had a soft opening on February 16, 2022.

Dr. Sithiphol Chinnapongse is a specialist in internal medicine, diabetes, thyroid disease, endocrinology and obesity.  He described how the clinic using cannabis for modern medical treatments came into being, saying it “started with being unconvinced about medical practice having to rely solely on drugs for treatments”.  He explained that healthcare approaches based on functional medicine were making significant gains.  Functional medicine places emphasis on all-rounded prevention of illness and complications, and holistically takes into account hormones and other constituents in the human body.  Botanicals are used as nutrition, medical and plant-based medicine.  Dr. Sithiphol viewed that modern patients are receiving too much chemicals-derived drugs and this prompted him to seek the use of natural therapies as alternative treatments.  The ‘unlocking’ of cannabis in Thailand and its legalization, coupled with globally acknowledged works of research on cannabis use in treatments, provided the starting point for the founding of Herbidus Medical Center.  The clinic’s launch was made under a partnership with Mr. Julpas (Tom) Kruesopon, founder of Golden Triangle Health Co., Ltd. or GTH.  Tom has extensive experiences in the cannabis circle and GTH offers hemp products that answer to business demands.  As their targets aligned, Dr. Sithiphol and Mr. Tom proceeded to establish a clinic that has the capacity to utilize cannabis in modern medicine treatments – one that completely conforms to the law and one which exhibits credibility.

Medical cannabis provides people with an option for treatments, and cannabis extracts are derived from nature.  The human body is normally able to produce endocannabinoids and substances produced by the endocannabinoid system regulate certain bodily mechanisms such as pain, mood, pleasure perception, sleep and immune response.  However, social and environmental conditions, toxic substances and aging affect the functions of this system and reduces the amount of endocannabinoid production.

According to Dr. Sithiphol, cannabis used in medicine has the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) psychoactive compound that acts on the midbrain to produce a comfortable sleep and mitigate pain, although the compound acts as a depressant and a hallucinogen when dosage exceeds a threshold.  CBD (Cannabidiol) works the opposite of THC and does not cause intoxication – its effects include pain relief, relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction, and tremors relief.  CBD generally has to be used concurrently with THC to produce the best results.  Neither cannabis-derived compound should be used excessively and usage should fall under a physician’s oversight.  Application must be based on each individual’s illness profile, as overuse or simultaneous use with other medicines may result in unwanted side effects. 

“Most people who employ the service of Herbidus Medical Center are those who have sleep problems and stress, muscle pain and office syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.  The new option of using cannabis as part of the medical treatment does not mean patients need to come to Herbidus Medical Center to get all of their treatments.  Patients still have to go to the hospital, but only when they want to or need to,” said Dr. Sithiphol.

Dr. Sithiphol Chinnapongse is a specialist in internal medicine, diabetes, thyroid disease, endocrinology and obesity.  He has accumulated broad experiences from his work with leading private hospitals in Thailand and abroad.  One leg of his journey took him to Stanford University and the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, which is among the hospitals used by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).  These experiences enabled Dr. Sithiphol to accurately recognize the health problems of individual patients and prescribe precise treatments.  The doctor places importance in the use of plants as medicine and the use of natural substances in place of chemicals.

Herbidus Medical Center highlights its strength in functional medicine offers that target the repair and restoration of cells to promote good health.  Treatments reinforce the work of hormonal systems and the immune system, delay damages and declines in the body, and re-establish balance so the body returns to good health.  Focus is placed on the living behavior of each client, including dietary, excretory, sleep and exercise behaviors.  Herbidus Medical Center is the first clinic on the Asian continent that is capable of prescribing cannabis in modern medicine treatments in compliance with the law.  It uses medicines approved by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) and is staffed by doctors of modern medicine who deliver accurate services that are in keeping with global standards for use of cannabis in patient treatment.  Cannabis treatments are prescribed alongside some of the most up-to-date treatments in modern medicine.  The clinic reports on progress made in its use of cannabis treatments to the GPO to ensure continuity and safety of treatments.

Herbidus Medical Center is also hard at work in developing platforms that will best accommodate its operations and patient care in the current digital era.  Results are followed-up and distilled into treatment summaries so a patient receives pin-point accurate care, regardless of whether the treatment entailed medical cannabis or a mixed approach that also uses chemical medicines.  Herbidus Medical Center has a unique follow up team called” Body system” where a caretaker team hears out patients and follows up on their conditions; this service channel helps patients access treatments and the associated information quickly and conveniently.

Herbidus Medical Center is located at on the 4th floor of the Trendy Building in Sukhumvit 13.  Trendy Building is situated between BTS Nana and BTS Asoke.  Interested persons may contact the center or make inquiries at the number 083-996-7053 or Fanpage : Herbidus Medical Center and Line id: @herbidus , Get ready for Herbidus Medical Clinic's full opening in March, 2022.

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