Digital Thought Leader Max Zaharenkov Extends His Online Strategy Business To Thailand
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Digital Thought Leader Max Zaharenkov Extends His Online Strategy Business To Thailand

The Founder and CEO of Zahare Media is helping young people improve their online strategies.

Autonomy is one of the primary engines of growth. One way or another, we’re all looking for freedom. When we are born, we’re driven by learning how to stand on our own. Every discovery we make tells us something about the world and how we relate to it. Guided by curiosity, we soon develop tendencies and preferences. But then society wraps us in its designs and attempts to define us. We soon forget what we want so we can fit in. Or at least that was the case until recently.

The evolution of the internet has given us the power to choose. We don’t have to follow anyone else’s models. Thanks to social media, there are now limitless ways to express ourselves and connect with those who want to listen. In one way or another, you, too, are a creator and there’s an audience for your ideas. Your talents and unique perspective of life matter, and there’s always someone willing to pay for them. Instead of trying to adapt to normality, you can claim your space.

According to a report from InsightSLICE, The Global Digital Content Creation Market will reach $38 billion by 2030. The segment of E-learning is expected to grow to $325 by 2025. The tools to create content are less expensive and more easily available than ever. But it takes experience to know how to do it right. 

Russian-British filmmaker and entrepreneur Max Zaharenkov has a remarkable ability to read trends. An expert in digital marketing, he knows how to turn ideas into online gold. Having found considerable success in his own media endeavours, Max now wants to share his knowledge with a worldwide audience, including the sprawling digital economy of Southeast Asia. 

Turning towards Thailand, Max is positioning Zahare Media as a gateway for Asian millennials to follow their career aspirations in the new digital economy. Says Max, “I’m building a bridge between the offline and online worlds. I’m helping young people feel comfortable in platforms like TikTok and guide them with fixes and hacks to improve their online positioning and strategy.”

Among Max’s upcoming projects to hit the Thailand market will be a podcast about business and traveling; two of the subjects he’s most passionate about. He’s also creating a TikTok e-course. Further in the future, Zaharenkov wants to open a talent agency to help creators reach their full potential. 

To stay abreast of Max's latest endeavors, check out his website or follow along on his TikTok page.

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