Italian Food and Beverage Products Back “Stronger-Than-Ever” at THAIFEX-Anuga 2022 in Bangkok
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Italian Food and Beverage Products Back “Stronger-Than-Ever” at THAIFEX-Anuga 2022 in Bangkok

Presented by the Italian Trade Agency and Italian Embassy, Lazada Online Shopping and Live Cooking Demonstrations Featured at Italian Pavilion.

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) (, in collaboration with  the Embassy of Italy in Thailand (, announces its presence at THAIFEX-Anuga 2022 (,  with the opening of the Italian Pavilion, located in Hall 8  at Impact Muang Thong Thani. The pavilion will accommodate a wide variety of Italian companies and importers/ distributors, who will be promoting Italian food & beverages to Thailand businesses and consumers. 

This year, around 60 Italian companies are confirmed to participate, much more than the number who participated at the previous THAIFEX-Anuga (2019). These include both companies well-established within the market and new entries, including seventeen local importers/ distributors. 

The ITA is also displaying its collaboration with international e-commerce platform Lazada Thailand at the Italian Pavilion “Authentic Italy” (, with the goal of bringing more Italian companies into the Thailand market through online shopping. The partnership with Lazada provides an opportunity for Thai consumers to experience the products they could not experience in Italy in person over the past few years.

Giuseppe Lamacchia, Trade Commissioner of the Italian Trade Agency Bangkok Office, remarked, “Italy is back and ready for business, as can be seen from the level of enthusiasm for and participation in this year’s show. Throughout COVID-19, the Italian Trade Agency and Italian government have provided continuous support for Italian companies. Even during the years 2020-2021, Italian companies enjoyed good sales in Thailand due to our promotional activities—for example, during Italian Cuisine week—and agreements with major Thai retailers, such as Central Food, Big C, and The Mall Group. This year, we look forward to building on this success for all our Italian partners.”

His Excellency Lorenzo Galanti, Italian Ambassador to Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, added, “Despite our successes throughout a difficult period, there is still room to grow sales of Italian products in Thailand. Thai consumers respond well to our products. We look forward to introducing them to an even wider diversity of premium foods and beverages from across twenty regions and two special regions in Italy.”

The Italian companies at THAIFEX-Anuga will be presented in various aspects; via their importers/ distributors, in their own booths, or in a showcase in the Italian Trade Agency area. The pavilion will be separated into several main islands: an institution area for product showcases, an information desk, and common spaces for business meetings and negotiations. 

Other special activities will also be available in the pavilion for visitors. These include:

  • A dedicated cooking show desk with a live demonstration of Italian cuisine managed by Italian chefs and Italian restaurant representatives
  • Wine tasting activities staffed by professional sommeliers. 

Participants who respond to products during the live cooking show can source them directly with the distributor and order them immediately.

All five days of activities during the exhibition period will be supported by a dedicated communications campaign activated through traditional news media, social media, and influencers. On the last day of the exhibition, 28 May 2022, a special activity is scheduled to be launched when the event opens to the public; promoting products displayed in the Italian Pavilion on Lazada’s Lazmall.

Business and consumers interested in registering to attend THAIFEX-Anuga 2022 can register and view details at

Italian companies participating in THAIFEX-Anuga 2022:

1. Acetaia Cazzola E Fiorini srl

2. Acetaia Marchi srl

3. Acetificio Andrea Milano srl

4. Acetificio Varvello srl

5. Agricola Erario SS

6. Antimo Caputo srl

7. Azienda De Chellis Olivia

8. Azienda Vinicola Anna Spinato

9. Azienda Vinicola Talamonti srl

10. Bioitalia srl

11. Bixio Produttori Sas Di Bixio Elisa

12. Caffè Haiti Roma srl

13. Cantina Dei Vini Tipici Dell’Aretino Sca

14. Cantina Di Solopaca

15. Cantine Coppi Di Coppi Antonio Michele

16. Casalfarneto srl

17. Ccs srl

18. Cherchi srl

19. Cinque Sensi srl

20. Conserve Italia Sca

21. Delli Paoli Guida & Ass. srl

22. EB Espresso Bolognese

23. Ferraris Agricola

24. Fiordelisi srl

25. Ianniuliassi Pro Wine srl

26. Il Mangiarsano SPA

27. Industria Ittica Torrenovese srl

28. IT.T. srl

29. Lauretana SPA

30. Le Morette Azienda Agricola Vitivinicola Valerio Zenato SS

31. Life Snack srl

32. Menù srl

33. Mgm Mondo Del Vino srl

34. Montenegro srl

35. Motta SAS

36. Nerea SPA

37. Nuovo Pastificio Vietri Spa

38. Olearia Congedi srl

39. Pallini SPA

40. Paolo Lazzaroni&Figli SPA

41. Pasta Natura srl

42. Pastificio Fratelli De Luca SPA

43. Podere Volpaio Organic Farm

44. Poderi Moretti

45. Principe Di San Daniele SPA Unipersonale

46. Rispoli Luigi & C srl

47. Rizzoli Emanuelli Spa

48. Sammontana SPA

49. Selektia Italia srl

50. Soc. Agr. Mirasole SS

51. Solana SPA

52. Sud Italia Alimentari srl

53. T&C srl

54. Tedesco srl

55. Terre Cevico Soc. Coop Agricola

56. Toschi Vignola srl

57. Truffleat srl

58. VAL D’OCA srl

59. Vetrere SS Agricola Di Annamaria E Francesca Bruni

60. Vidiz & Kessler srl

61. Vitavigor srl

62. Zorzettig Di Zorzettig Annalisa

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