Cibes Lift Leads the Thailand Home Lift trend in 2022.
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Cibes Lift Leads the Thailand Home Lift trend in 2022.

Cibes Lift Leads the Thailand Home Lift trend in 2022.
Cibes Lift Leads the Thailand Home Lift trend in 2022.

Looking for a lift for your home?

You’ll be surprised to discover that a whole industry exists for lifts tailored to homes, which sharply differ from those you encounter in high-rise buildings. These home lifts require no pit, no machine room, come in all-glass as a standard and are super space saving – in short, they are perfect for homes.

Cibes Screw-drive home lift with EU safety standard from Sweden

With its innovative screw-drive technology, Cibes Lift has been a leader in this industry for the past 75 years.

Cibes Lift Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home lifts. Established in Sweden in 1947, Cibes Lift Group is now 1,200 people strong with presence on every continent providing improved home elevators to thousands of families, with European standards of safety.

Cibes is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home lifts leading in Screw-drive home lift technology with EU safety standard from Sweden.

Home Lift caring for the elderly and disabled.

Cibes home lift not only enables the elderly to stay independent, but also provides freedom to disabled or limited mobility individuals. It is also a safe decision to future-proof your home and be prepared for whatever might come your way.

Having a Cibes home lift also improves home aesthetics as well as property value while ensuring durability for use over time in a maximized comfort setting.

Cibes designs home lift that cares for the elderly, disabled and limited mobility individuals.

Non-stop home lift innovations for a better life.

Cibes Lift also believes that sustainable, profitable growth is key to our present and future success. To strengthen our efforts to make our products and services more sustainable for the benefit of our customers, we have integrated sustainability into our business strategy by basing it on 5 essential pillars: Safety, Business, Planet, People and Ethics.

Cibes Lift has more than 300 projects experience in Thailand and innovates non-stop to build the best home lifts.

Cibes Lift with more than 300 projects experience in Thailand. 

Since 2016, Cibes Lift (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Subsidiary has installed several hundred home lifts throughout Thailand. As of 2022, Cibes Lift boasts of showrooms in both Bangkok and Chiangmai with a roadmap of future openings planned across the country.

Cibes Lift Thailand is proud to introduce a new generation of home lifts, Cibes Home Elevator Voyager V90 Galaxy equipped with the latest technology and safety features, and combined with a stunning design.

New Cibes Lift Model : Voyager V90 Galaxy come with panoramic glass shaft, saloon doors and customizable designs & colors.

Some of the latest features you can enjoy in the coziness of your home are: Panoramic glass shaft, quiet drive system, space saving design, standing space optimization, intelligent control operating panel, IoT system, upgradable software, high end powder coating colors and design customization…

Finally, all the many benefits of the Cibes home lift screw-driven system are kept such as: come with its own shaft, no pit required, now machine room or low headroom, single or three phase, A-rated energy consumption, easy and low-cost maintenance, high customization to fit your house to name a few.

To learn more, visit us at or contact us via Line at @cibes

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