PUBG MOBILE has a surprise for Thai gamers
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PUBG MOBILE has a surprise for Thai gamers

Joins forces with HEARTROCKER for a special campaign featuring a voice pack and items exclusively for hardcore game enthusiasts.

Get ready to Troll with HEARTROCKER! PUBG MOBILE Thailand under Tencent Thailand continues on the success of its Thai-language voice pack campaign dubbed by well-recognised celebrities. Most recently, the company joined hands with leading game streamer ‘Aek HEARTROCKER’ for a new campaign titled ‘PUBG MOBILE x HEARTROCKER’, challenging gamers old and new for a mission to unlock items available exclusively for HRK Fanclub and gamers nationwide. The campaign kicks off with an exclusive voice pack from HEARTROCKER and his signature face mask and many must-have items. Fans are invited to join a mission or pay 20 UC in order to get a random box from 20 June until 10 July.

One of the world’s most successful mobile games with a total of over one billion downloads, PUBG MOBILE continues giving players a new and colourful experience with its collaboration strategy. In the past, PUBG MOBILE released a number of popular global collaboration campaigns, one of which was a campaign where PUBG MOBILE worked together with Nicky Nachat and Mai Davika who voiced the game and gave exclusive items. Most recently, the company offered gamers a huge surprise by joining forces with ‘Aek HEARTROCKER’, Thailand’s number one game caster and streamer, in a new campaign titled ‘PUBG MOBILE x HEARTROCKER’ to create more fun and challenges for die-hard fans of HEARTROCKER while also attracting more players — new and old alike — thereby expanding the player base and strengthening the gamer community. 

The campaign is packed with six fun items and a voice pack featuring a unique HEARTROCKER-signature voice that would enhance the gamers’ spirit. The voice pack features 20 phrases such as ‘He’s good, but I’m the genius’, ‘Disaster ahead’, ‘My Stealth is intact’, ‘Retrieve!’, ‘Let’s race. Find me a ride’ and many more. Exclusive items available for gamers as part of the campaign include mysterious costumes, parachutes, HEARTROCKER photo frames, sprays and space gifts from HEARTROCKER. Players can receive the voice pack and exclusive items by fulfilling these missions:

  • ‘Fly with HEARTROCKER’. Team up with friends in classic mode from 20 June until 10 July to unlock many items and get a chance to win three voice lines from HEARTROCKER, HEARTROCKER parachute and HEARTROCKER spray.
  • ‘Unmasking the Mask’. Achieve all the 10 missions from 20 June until 3 July to unlock exclusive items such as HEARTROCKER mysterious costumes, HEARTROCKER photo frame and three voice lines from HEARTROCKER.

Plus players can splash 20 UC on random boxes from 20 June until 10 July where they will get voice packs and various items from HEARTROCKER. 

PUBG MOBILE is now available here for die-hard fans to download and enjoy the adrenaline rush in the virtual battleground.


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