Breakthroughs of Medical Applications from Taiwan Helped Explore Potentials of Different Industries

Breakthroughs of Medical Applications from Taiwan Helped Explore Potentials of Different Industries

“Taiwan” stunned, shaking up the healthcare industry with the Taiwan Excellence Webinar under the theme “Smart Medical Applications” graced by five Taiwanese ICT-medical brands that showcased their most innovative products, taking med-tech equipment applications to new heights.

During the webinar, Matthew Huei-Ming Ma, MD, Ph.D., a professor of Emergency Medicine and the Vice Superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch, reaffirmed his standpoint that the COVID-19 pandemic had in fact further strengthened Taiwan’s ability to adapt and combine ICT and service innovations to improve healthcare in the country, even in low-resource settings, saying: “Healthcare providers have been working in tandem with telecommunications and medical companies to improve patient care while also protecting themselves.”

At the event, five Taiwan Excellence Award-winning companies gave insightful presentations of their advancements in smart medical applications, namely MiiS’ Smart Wound Care and Digital Otoscope; iXensor’s Infectious Disease, Chronic Disease, and Female Health Management; Wellell’s SleepWell Sleeping Solution; IEI's POCi-W22C-ULT5 Medical Panel PC; and United Orthopedic’s USTAR II Hip & Knee System. Although the companies specialise in different areas of medical technology, their strengths in developing applications never cease to contribute to not only bringing about the best healthcare performance, but also opening a new door towards the realisation of the future for healthcare.

Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc. 

Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc. is a leading AI-powered telemedicine innovative technology company that offers cutting-edge smart medical devices and integrated digital portable diagnostic solutions. The company has received Taiwan Excellence Awards six years in a row for its innovative technologies, most prominently Smart Wound Care platform and Digital Otoscope diagnostic device, the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award-winning innovative telemedicine and healthcare products that never fail to enhance the use of artificial intelligence, making treatments even more accurate.

Smart Wound Care / MPD100 provides wound imaging and documentation solutions using Computer Vision Technology, coming equipped with three specialty cameras: 3D Camera for wound dimension, depth, and levelling measurement, Thermal Camera for wound temperature distribution, and Colour Camera for tissue image recording and recognition. The platform has three main features: Wound Image Processing, Wound Analysis App, and Cloud-Based EMR System, to streamline and optimise clinical workflows and standardise wound assessment and monitoring.

Digital Otoscope / EOC700 captures and records digital images and videos of ear, nose, and throat cavities for general inspection, working on three modes: UVC Mode, Video Mode, and Bright LED Mode for inspection with better visibility and diagnostic experience for both healthcare providers and patients. The device supports Dual Screens to enable better interaction between healthcare providers and patients, coming with an External USB Cable to connect to PCs and Laptops.

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iXensor Co., Ltd. 

True to its ethos “the pioneer of mobile health,” smart health start-up iXensor has been developing healthcare solutions for infectious diseases, chronic diseases, and women’s health that have been highly recognised by international giants for their integrated mobile healthcare functions and have contributed to the company being awarded multiple international awards, most notably Taiwan Excellence Award for its PixoTest COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit. 

Infectious Disease Management (IDM) provides end-to-end digital COVID-19 screening and management solutions, with two main applications: Point-of-Care (PoC) Testing and Self-Testing. The solution works on two modes: Read-Now Mode and Walk-Away Mode, giving results within 10 seconds and 15 minutes for fast and accurate testing, and comes with the PixoHealth App for effortless data synchronisation, management, and documentation; It can increase testing sensitivity when combined with Computer Vision Technology, making it one of the world’s most sensitive testing devices.

Chronic Disease Management (CDM) provides 3-minute accurate cardiovascular disease and diabetes solutions, with two main applications: Point-of-Care (PoC) Testing and Self-Testing; The solution comes with the PixoHealth App for effortless data synchronisation, management, and documentation, and allows for extensibility for multiple tests.

Women’s Health Management (WHM) is the first AI-powered digital ovulation testing and prediction kit, with two main features: Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Testing and Predicting Most Fertile Windows. The solution comes with the PixoHealth App for effortless data synchronisation, management, and documentation, and when combined with Eveline Care allows for patients to share their data with their consultants for better consultation and for healthcare providers to capture patients’ individual hormone profiles to assist their fertility journeys, thereby maximising chances of pregnancy and bettering couples’ trying-to-conceive (TTC) experience.

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Wellell Inc. 

Wellell, one of the most trusted global at-home acute care solution providers, has been assisting healthcare providers worldwide in improving their patients’ life quality for over 30 years. The company has introduced to the global market a whole host of award-winning innovations that deliver optimal user experience and thereby significantly improve therapy compliance, treatment adherence, and treatment outcome, most notably the latest Taiwan Excellence Award-winning SleepWell.

SleepWell is a respiratory healthcare software embedded with cloud-based platform SleepWell Track with features like Customised Dashboard and Patient Report, allowing healthcare providers to diagnose, monitor, and adjust therapy settings in a more effective, real-time manner, preventing potential health complications while achieving optimal therapy results. The software comes with its mobile application for patients to access their treatment data and efficiently communicate with their healthcare providers for personalised professional treatment. Its user-friendly ergonomic design improves user experience, significantly enhancing patients’ engagement and therapy compliance, making respiratory telemedicine and remote patient monitoring possible. Furthermore, it helps significantly elevate transparency in respiratory healthcare consultation and therapy delivery with weekly and monthly therapy reports and instructions and recommendations from healthcare providers, as well as an extensive range of self-education resources.

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IEI Integration Corp. 

IEI Integration Corp. is a professionalised healthcare company that has been offering flexible and highly integrated solutions in a variety of fields, most prominently reliable and qualified hardware solutions, such as All-in-One Panel PC, a medical-grade computer engineered to fulfill two main IT medical requirements to enhance functionality all while accelerating the digitalisation of healthcare institutions: Medical Information and Medical Imaging and Analytics. Each PC acts as an information gateway, accessing and delivering data, as well as viewing and generating medical images, making healthcare services more intelligent. One of its most notable all-in-one panel PCs is none other than the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award-winning POCi-W22C-ULT5.

POCi-W22C-ULT5 is a medical-grade all-in-one panel PC that doubles as a medical image management system. The PC comes with panel with ip66 Waterproof, Detergent Erosion-Resistant metal housing design; AG Etching Glass and Ultra-Slim Aluminum Front Bezel calibrated by the company’s optical engineering team for high display stability and medical-standard compliant imaging performance for use in a variety of settings, facilitating healthcare providers’ accurate real-time interpretation of medical images; Built-in medical-grade power supply options to meet a variety of requirements: External Power Adapter, Internal Power Supply, and Backup Battery, as well as to improve healthcare IT workflows when combined with practical real-time battery monitoring applications; and value-added enhancements for various healthcare scenarios and medical applications, such as Isolated I/O Ports, Modular Expansion Design for expansion flexibility, and DICOM Module for better image viewing performance, giving the all-in-one panel PC more possibilities for expanding its functions.

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United Orthopedic Corporation 

United Orthopaedic is Asia’s first orthopaedic medical device manufacturer to ever receive the USFDA approval. The company has been offering digitalised orthopaedic design solutions that perfectly fit patients of various ethnicities. The embodiment of the company’s constant striving to create high-quality versatile products with greater responsiveness to healthcare providers’ and patients’ needs is none other than USTAR II, the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award winner and the culmination of 20 years of experience and over 3,000 clinical cases of USTAR I, another Taiwan Excellence Award winner 20 years ago.

USTAR II is a system of artificial joints — and one of the best orthopedic designs in the global market — designed for complex artificial joint surgery and extensive reconstruction of joints, such as severe bone defects caused by several medical replacement surgeries or bone tumors, for patients to opt for instead of amputation, giving them a higher chance of preserving their affected limbs. The solution is made up of various types of modular parts of various sizes, including pediatric-friendly sizes to deal with the size mismatch problem, given that bone tumors are often found in children, giving healthcare providers confidence in selecting the most optimal combination for their patients. It allows for adjusting the length of the entire sets of the implants to avoid any unnecessary sacrifice of patients’ bones, thereby achieving the least amount of bone removal for the management of tumors. Furthermore, the solution is not only simply and conveniently assembled, requiring only one surgical tool to complete the assembly — bearing in mind the shorter the operation time, the lower the risk of infection —, but also assembled in such a way that patients’ weights are loaded on the entire joint surface, reducing the wear of the products and allowing the implants to last longer.

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The Taiwan Excellence webinar attracted more than 200 registrations, welcoming online viewers from over 10 countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, France, Iran, Germany, and the U.K.

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