‘Porsche’ partners with ‘Evolt’ to pave a path for public charging stations in Bangkok and tourist cities, aiming to launch EV charging stations nationwide.
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‘Porsche’ partners with ‘Evolt’ to pave a path for public charging stations in Bangkok and tourist cities, aiming to launch EV charging stations nationwide.

Poonpat Loharjun, Peter Rohwer, Pawarapa Dupassakoon
Poonpat Loharjun, Peter Rohwer, Pawarapa Dupassakoon

Porsche Thailand by AAS Group, the sole authorised distributor and importer of Porsche cars in Thailand, joins Evolt Technology in building more electric charging stations as the number of electronic vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) spike in Thailand. Launched by Porsche Thailand, the two new electric vehicle charging stations welcome electric vehicles from any and every manufacturer. Vehicle owners have options to visit Capella Bangkok, a Chao Phraya riverside hotel, or Toscana Valley Khao Yai, an exclusive hideaway perfect for a vacation.

Two New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Launched

A Complement to Ecosystem Concept.
Clean energy is the future that has already brought changes to the global automotive industry. Many world-leading automotive manufacturers have realised that Smart Energy is the missing piece of their ecosystem initiatives which play an important role in driving the economy and improving people’s lives. These eco-friendly projects are crucial to the continuity of Thailand’s Smart City Development. This collaboration between Porsche Thailand and Evolt Technology aims to provide inclusive innovations for e-mobility through the creation of EV charging ecosystem.

Mr. Peter Rohwer, managing director of Porsche Thailand, stated: “Porsche Thailand by AAS Group is expanding an electric charging station project in order to support the growing number of electronic vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) users. We aim to build more charging stations across the country. Porsche Thailand commits to a carbon neutrality challenge and strives to provide clean energy for Thailand.”

Ms. Pawarapa Dupassakoon, marketing and PR director of Porsche Thailand by AAS Group, commented that “As the company continues to lower its carbon footprint, it receives positive feedback from customers. Therefore, Porsche Thailand decides to take a step further by working with Evolt to build more public charging stations. They will become a crucial infrastructure that encourages electric vehicle adoption in Thailand. Besides the two recently launched new charging stations, we plan to build more in the future in response to Porsche owners’ needs and lifestyle.”

Mr. Poonpat Loharjun, the founder and CEO of Evolt Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that “the strategic partnership with Porsche Thailand is a part of the plan that aims to provide easier access to electric vehicle charger for Porsche and other vehicle owners in urban area and Thailand’s tourist cities. In addition to public charging stations, Evolt will also offer exclusive perks to customers who visit our charging stations across Thailand.”

*Perks and conditions are specified by the company.

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