CPN launches ‘Central’s Energy Efficiency Master Plan 2022’

CPN launches ‘Central’s Energy Efficiency Master Plan 2022’

Central Pattana supports government policies by initiating ‘Central’s Energy Efficiency Master Plan 2022’ in Central shopping centres nationwide to help save energy for the country and reaffirm CPN’s role as a leading energy-saving developer. Energy consumption savings of 13% compared to 2019 or 260 million baht are targeted.

Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s leading retail and real estate developer and operator of Central shopping centres, residential projects, office buildings and hotels across the country, is supporting government policies by taking part in saving energy for Thailand and our planet. 

Highlighting its leading position in energy-saving shopping centres, Central Pattana has become the first shopping centre developer in the country to initiate an energy saving masterplan, dubbed ‘Central's Energy Efficiency Master Plan 2022’. Setting out urgent measures under a short-term plan with the concept of 'Innovative & Design Thinking', the plan will be implemented with immediate effect at all 36 branches nationwide. It is expected that the plan will help save more than 13% energy consumption compared to 2019, which is equivalent to more than 260 million baht. 

Reflecting its outstanding corporate identity of high energy-efficiency standards, the company is moving forward to invest in the installation of energy-saving innovations and equipment in 2022. This is to emphasise its status as a global sustainable organisation following the ‘Net Zero 2050’ plan under the vision of ‘Imagining Better Futures for All’ whereby it strives to create a sustainable future for everyone. 

“Central Pattana is a developer of areas of the future,” commented Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, President and CEO of Central Pattana. “At the same time, we care for our society and the environment by realising the importance of all sectors joining together to save energy for the nation. We support the government's measures with our proactive and flexible energy-efficiency plan which focuses on saving energy during weekdays (Monday-Friday). This period is considered the prime time of energy saving in the country when we can maintain cool temperatures inside the shopping centres without affecting customer comfort and convenience.”

The urgent measures of Central Pattana’s ‘Energy Efficiency Master Plan 2022’ to save electricity in all shopping centres have been divided into four main sections as follows: 

1) Air-conditioning system – reduce air-conditioning system usage times according to the opening hours of the shopping centres and in accordance with the number of visitors, including limiting the temperature to a level of 26.5-28˚ C with a relative humidity of 60-65%.

2) Lighting

  • In the shopping centres – cut down on switching lights on early before the opening of the shopping centre; switching the lights off earlier after the shopping centre is closed (except restaurant and cinema zones and maintaining 70% lighting until all customers leave).
  • Car parks – cut down on lighting during the day following the time period in line with natural light conditions and cut lighting in unoccupied parking areas (except for parking spaces provided for cinema customers and while maintaining 50% lighting until all customers leave).
  • Around the building – switch on the lighting system around the buildings after 6:00 PM and minimise lighting after the shopping centres are closed to a level necessary for everyone's safety.

3) Elevator and escalator systems – minimise early activation of the systems before shopping centre opening. Deactivate the systems soon after the shopping centres are closed.

4) Reduce energy consumption within the company – reduce power consumption during lunch breaks, use stairs instead of elevators and choose energy-saving electrical equipment and lightbulbs, etc.

With regard to sustainable energy-saving plans that have been implemented continuously,  Central shopping centres continue to install solar rooftops and solar streetlights. It installs smart systems such as motion sensor switches for lighting systems as well as installing additional insulation and ceilings to reduce the heat entering the buildings. It also upgrades chillers to high-efficiency and improves efficiency of pumps and piping systems for cold water delivery of the air conditioning systems. This replaces AHU and split-type air conditioning systems for improved efficiency. It also installs air-conditioning temperature & humidity systems and replaces motors with variable speed drive (VSD) types. 

Central Pattana has designed its shopping centres to use natural light as much as possible. It also increases green areas throughout the projects and develops eco-friendly malls with high energy-efficiency standards. 

Eleven Central Pattana projects have received MEA Energy Awards for energy-saving buildings from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA). These comprise ten Central shopping centres and one office building. 

Testifying to its commitment to becoming a net-zero organisation by 2050, Central Pattana is also the only real estate company in Thailand to be a member of the Global Sustainability Index, DJSI World, for four consecutive years, and DJSI Emerging Markets for eight consecutive years.

Central Pattana plc, is driving into the future under its 'Imagining Better Futures for All' brand purpose by creating and developing high-quality areas to care for people, communities and the environment, in order to grow alongside economic progress for the sustainable growth of Thailand.

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