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Boosting Thailand’s status as the Greater Mekong Sub-region’ No.1 food hub

BEYOND FOOD EXPO 2022, the first annual food trade show in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), is set to showcase innovative regional gastronomy and innovation of food products and food processing from upstream to downstream in one show from 15-17 December 2022, at the KICE Convention Center, Khonkaen province. Over 8,500 participants are expected, directly contributing approximately 500 million baht in trade spending, supporting the Mekong region economy of 2-3 billion baht, and showcasing Northeastern Thailand as a world-leading food supply hub.

Mr. Charoen Kaowsuksai, Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI)’s Food Processing Industry Club and Chair of the Hosted Buyer Program, witnessed the MoU signing ceremony between Khonkaen Chamber of Commerce and Khonkaen International Convention and Exhibition Center (KICE) to jointly organise Beyond Food Expo 2022.  

“The Greater Mekong countries comprising Thailand, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and China-PRC will showcase innovative food, packaging, cold chains and logistics, food services and food standards,” he explained. “Essentially, Beyond Food Expo offers a one-stop service to elevate business potential and enhance the possibilities of this growing regional economy to the international market through a business partnering program called the Hosted Buyer Program.”

Chairman of FTI Food Processing Industry Club, Mr. Charoen Kaosuksai, said: “Thailand is one of the top five agricultural food exporters to the world, leading with cassava, sugar cane, chicken and rice. Therefore, this global food crisis we are currently facing provides a big challenge but a great opportunity for Thailand to step up and reinforce its top ranking as a food exporter and cement its reputation as Kitchen of the World.”

Mr. Channarong Buristrakul, President of The Khonkaen Chamber of Commerce, stated that: “The strength of Thai food is its unique taste and diversity driven by local cultures.  This is clearly seen in the local cuisine of Thailand’s E-sarn region where the food has individuality. All this encourages the younger generation in particular to taste and enjoy. For instance, Chef Paisal Chewinsiriwat creates an authentic local menu of fusion and fine dining by adding E-sarn flavour, giving a new taste to customers.  Similarly. Chef Natthaporn Komjit creates E-Sarn gastronomy that creatively gives a new experience of exotic flavours to people in other regions.”

Mr. Wishjanond Vichaiyuth Director of Khonkaen International Convention and Exhibition Center (KICE), said: “#BeyondFoodExpo will be held for the first time from 15-17 December 2022 at the KICE Convention Center in the province of Khonkaen which is the largest international convention venue in Thailand’s Northeast Region. This show will be conceptually organised using the theme of ‘Food, Feature to Fight’ which will showcase the diversity of flavours in FOOD and drive the FEATUREs of regional food business that have high potential to leverage themselves to international level in order to FIGHT the economic crisis.”

#BeyondFoodExpo2022 is co-organised by The Khonkaen Chamber of Commerce and Khonkaen International Convention and Exhibition Center (KICE) focusing on food and drink from the Greater Mekong Sub-region, presenting food industry products from upstream to downstream under the banners of  Food Fair and Food Supplies. 

“Food Fair” presents: agricultural and organic products; plant-based foods; novel foods; halal foods; spices and seasonings; processed and dried food; desserts; and drinks. 

 “Food Supplies” showcases food technology and innovation such as: food ingredients & additives; packaging and labelling; food processing equipment; food safety and standards; cold chains and logistics. 

BEYOND FOOD EXPO thus presents the complete food supply chain under one roof for the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

As KICE is the largest International Convention Center in Northeastern Thailand located in KhonKaen province, more than 8,500 visitors are expected with the potential to generate 500 million baht’s worth of business. 

For more information please contact:
Khonkaen International Convention and Exhibition Center (KICE)
Call: +6693 794 4644

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