SPC reveals product sales exceeding 490 million baht at 26th Saha Group Fair

SPC reveals product sales exceeding 490 million baht at 26th Saha Group Fair

Lays out business direction for 2H 2022, advancing product development strategies to meet consumer demand

SPC announced product sales at the 26th Saha Group Fair exceeding 490 million baht. The sales came as a result of strategic sales adjustments and 30-days’ continuous sales promotion. The Company also unveiled its business direction for the year's second half, moving forward with the core strategy to expand online marketing and grow the partner base.

“SPC brought its well-known brand consumer goods to sell at special prices at the 26th Saha Group Fair from June 30 to July 3, 2022, aiming to help Thai people reduce their living expenses,” commented Mr. Vathit Chokwatana, President of Saha Pathanapibul PCL. “We received a positive response from customers with sales of 490 million baht. The top three products with the biggest sales were Mama instant noodles, 108 Shop detergent, and Mitr Phol sugar, respectively.”

The change in the product distribution approach, which was previously solely centred on direct marketing to consumers, has, nonetheless, yielded this positive response. Meanwhile, SPC has added direct marketing to its primary clients, the wholesale-retail stores nationwide as well as the rollout of promotions over the course of 30 days in June. This compares to the previous year’s when products were sold online and promotions were held for only four days. The Saha Group Fair this year was held both on-site and online.

At the 26th Saha Group Fair, the Sahapat booth highlighted a brand-new product called Mama, Less Sodium Formula, which is available in four flavours, Shrimp Tom Yom, Minced Pork, Shrimp Creamy Tom Yom and Instant Rice Vermicelli Clear Soup. It also debuted the 50th Anniversary Collection of NFT Cards to appeal to consumers interested in digital assets, along with exhibiting an overview of all SPC products for consumers.

As for the direction of the business in the second half of the year, the Company revealed it will prioritise new product development while continuously expanding consumer product variety, growing the partner base, collaborating with partners in diverse areas. It will also market in new channels, including the metaverse, with the aim to reach more niche consumers and be responsive to rapidly changing consumer behaviours. Most importantly, SPC will untiringly aim towards sustainable development while staying alongside Thai people regardless of the situation, not least by enabling people to buy value products at exceptional prices in bad times as well as good times.

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