GDTT & PCT to drive the adoption of telepharmacy

GDTT & PCT to drive the adoption of telepharmacy

Good Doctor Technology Thailand signs MOU with the Pharmacy Council of Thailand (PCT) to drive the adoption of telepharmacy in Thailand

Good Doctor Technology Thailand (GDTT), a subsidiary of Good Doctor Technology (GDT), a regional health-tech company with the vision of providing ‘One Doctor for One Family in SEA’, signed an MOU with the Pharmacy Council of Thailand (PCT).

GDTT is the first telemedicine service provider to partner with PCT, with the agreement establishing both parties as partners for creating additional mutual benefits. The MOU between GDTT and PCT will allow GDTT to reach out to key healthcare ecosystem stakeholders across the care continuum, including healthcare authorities such as National Health Security Office (NHSO) and Social Security Office (SSO), to demonstrate the benefits of their platform for the pharmacist network chains. The collaboration will also drive general awareness about telepharmacy partnership opportunities both within the pharmacist community and among consumers and patients.

The agreement marks a major milestone for the telehealth industry in Thailand, setting the standard for the roll-out of telepharmacy in the Kingdom under effective supervision and standardisation. PCT and GDTT will contribute to this process by providing its expertise in the telepharmacy implementation, sharing the knowledge of the GDTT pharmacist, in-house doctors and the PCT pharmacy team to help develop new telepharmacy quality standards. 

The development of an institutional framework for the telepharmacy industry will help increase the role of pharmacists in the patient treatment through the use of digital technology. Apart from introducing protocols and forms for e-prescription and standardising the processes of drug dispensaries, the framework will include a technological infrastructure to provide medicine recommendations. The pharmacists will get access to training programs on the effective use of the telephone and digital channels for providing advice to patients; they will also get initial support with the onboarding process to join the online platforms operated by GDTT.

“The Pharmacy Council of Thailand acknowledges the opportunities which telemedicine can provide for the pharmacy industry in remote healthcare, but we also see the need for effective governance to ensure full compliance in this emerging process,” said Associate Professor Kitti Pitaknitinan, President of PCT. “We see Good Doctor Technology as a role model — the company’s approach can be used as a proper compliance template for other telemedicine service providers. PCT also expects to get access to the GDTT expertise on the latest digital healthcare technology developments.”

"GDTT’s network of pharmacies already includes more than 784 stores in 65 provinces. We help with the merchants’ integration into our telehealth ecosystem, and invite them to join us in taking care of the patients in their geographical area by dispensing the prescribed medication from their stores," said Dr. Sudhichai Chokekijchai, Head of Medical Team of GDTT. "Participating in our unique patient care model helps merchants to move more services from offline to online, which also supports their business digital transformation objectives.”

GDTT also collaborates with pharmaceutical brands which run marketing campaigns for products fulfilled by pharmacies in the program. Besides, the company helps merchants drive their service recipients’ engagement in their neighbouring communities. 

The reputed pharmacies that received this news expressed their positive feedback as follows: Yanin Pisanwalerd, CEO of Fascino, who was tasked with bringing her family business of 39 years to new horizons, shared her innovation journey: “We have always been thinking about how we can offer better services to our service recipients and achieve better growth in our business by exploring various new opportunities, including investing in marketing our own housebound products as well as looking at the franchise model to expand the coverage of our brand. We have had continuous growth in the past years and now have 100 outlets across Thailand.”

Yanin Pisanwalerd added: “Collaborating with GDTT means that we can add value to our service recipients through a new service that can impact their health. One of the key differences offered by GDTT, is that prescription drugs can be distributed through GDTT application, and with their technology, they are able to ensure that patients are still able to receive instructions from pharmacies, when the drugs are delivered to them. Moving forward, we are looking to collaborate with GDTT in other areas to increase digitalisations of our physical pharmacies, and use it as a means to expand our reach to people across Thailand.”

Naoki Iida, founder of Blez pharmacy, also believes that harnessing the power of being online will bring new benefits to the traditional brick and mortar pharmacy business. Iida, who runs an 18 chain pharmacy chain in the heart of Bangkok, explains: “For a local chain store like ours, the partnership with GDTT means we have more channels to offer our services. It actually does not require new resources invested upfront. In fact, Blez pharmacy is now considering to invest some resources to focus on digital channels, as a means to make sure our pharmacy business is able to provide services in the future.”

Tachapol Teerakumsri, the owner of Baanya 87 pharmacy shop, said: "Telepharmacy helps a stand-alone drug store like ours increase sales in new channels. This service is very convenient and easy to use, it enables us to provide more pharmaceutical care to patients remotely. By joining GDTT in this government-supported project our store also got the opportunity to contribute to the society.”

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