WEBTOON Ecosystem established by LINE WEBTOON is turning into a big industry
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WEBTOON Ecosystem established by LINE WEBTOON is turning into a big industry

LINE WEBTOON is No.1 online comic platform in Thailand launched since 2014.

Throughout the past 8 years of business in Thailand until now it is still No.1 in every aspect. WEBTOON Ecosystem that LINE WEBTOON has established since then is strong and still continue growing year by year with such a big potential for the future.

LINE WEBTOON has over 3.5 million MAU as of March 2022 in Thailand. For the past 8 years the readership of LINE WEBTOON in Thailand has continuously grown reaching up to 172 million views per month. As well as continuous growth of the number of paid users on the platform with 30% increase since 2020.

As LINE WEBTOON is a Global platform, therefore not only in Thailand but is actually a Global No. 1 with over 85.6M MAU globally by providing the service with 10 languages over all around the world.

LINE WEBTOON has more than 830,000 Professional creators with over 1.4M Titles worldwide. As well as in LINE WEBTOON Thailand takes care of more than 100 Thai professional creators to publish their titles on the platform.

As LINE WEBTOON emphasizes on supporting potential local creators, there are already many Thai creators who successfully launched their titles outside of Thailand. Such as Wanthong Raijai (Loveless Heroine) – launched in Indonesia, Boy School – launched in Taiwan, Take My Money – launched in Indonesia, USA and Spain, Summer Night – launched in France and Germany, Lazy Cooking – launched in Indonesia and Japan, Unchi – launched in Indonesia, 25 Hours – launched in China, Pastel Love – launched in China, Orange Girl – launched in Indonesia.

Hana Cha, Director of LINE WEBTOON said that LINE WEBTOON not only takes care of creators and their titles to launch on the platform. But moreover, LINE WEBTOON actually established the whole so called ‘WEBTOON Ecosystem’ which is much bigger scale that covers all the way up to translators and type-setters to support the potential titles to be launched in other countries as well as bring those hit titles from abroad cross-border. By doing so, LINE WEBTOON platform and creators can healthily grow together and become the main contents that brings up the growth of Global Entertainment market.

Further on, LINE WEBTOON not only has great achievement on webtoon service but also in terms of IP Business. LINE WEBTOON is globally building up the Production Pipe-line in order to provide various IP into movies, drama series and animations. 

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