MEA urged to survey the power system in its responsible areas and provide 24 hour-assistance.

MEA urged to survey the power system in its responsible areas and provide 24 hour-assistance.

Public warned to avoid dangers arising from the flooding crisis.

The Thai Meteorological Department issued a severe weather warning during 17-21 September 2022 and urged the public to avoid risks caused by heavy rainfall, storms and accumulative rainfall possibly leading to flash flooding particularly in areas close to flowing water and plains areas.

Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan assigned MEA (Metropolitan Electricity Authority) to monitor power systems for increased safety during the flooding season. MEA has responded to the orders by proceeding with close assessment to assist the public with electricity systems for 24 hours.     

MEA, represented by Chumpot Himacharoen, Corporate Communications Director, stated: “MEA is concerned with the public welfare and proceeding with the water level monitoring and check whether the levels up electricity poles remain safe. MEA is prompted to provide 24 hour-service and inform the public regarding electricity safety during the rainy season and flooding crisis as follows: 

Before flooding;

- Turn off the main breaker to prevent electricity leakages

-  Remove electricity appliance to dry place above the water level 

During flooding;

- Two storey houses should have separate breakers on each floor and turn off the breaker on the ground floor

- Do not touch light switches and do not turn on electrical appliances when your body is wet or in reach of water  

- Stand in dry places and wear rubber slippers or shoes 

- Occupants of one storey houses should stop using all electricity and move out of the residence

- Do not use electricity outlets or switches or electrical appliances where flood water reaches unless approved by the authorities. 

After flooding;

- Prepare a torch, rubber gloves and rubber boots before moving about the residence  

- Do not touch metal objects 

- Have all electrical appliances checked and approved by the authorities 

- Any soaked electrical appliances/equipment should be replaced for safety 

Due to the risks caused by thunderstorms and accumulative rain which may lead to abrupt flooding, the public living in basin areas affected by the flooding and communities located outside flood levees along the Chao Phraya River and lowland areas are advised to move electricity outlets and electrical appliances above the flood level when inundation looms. To avoid risks from loss of life and property, the public should keep a safe distance from large billboards, trees and any unsteady constructions along electricity lines as disruptions may occur due to strong storm conditions. Electrical appliances should be monitored and repaired if found damaged and keep in mind that all electrical appliances are unsafe to use when damp or soaked by flooding. Retailers and advertisers should be aware of signage installation structures, ensure they are in stable and safe condition and closely monitor the situation. 

Should there be any damaged or unsafe electrical cables or equipment, please contact MEA Smart Life Application, compatible with iOS and Android. Get free download now at or Facebook : การไฟฟ้านครหลวง MEA, Line : MEA Connect, Twitter: @mea_news and  MEA Call Center 1130 for 24 hours.

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