GDTT Participates in Techsauce Global Summit 2022

GDTT Participates in Techsauce Global Summit 2022

Showcasing Opportunities for Partnerships in Delivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Good Doctor Technology Thailand (GDTT), a subsidiary of Good Doctor Technology (GDT), a regional health-tech company with the vision of providing ‘One Doctor for One Family in SEA’, joined the Techsauce Global Summit 2022 —Asia’s biggest and best tech summit.

GDTT participated in a high-tech stage focused on Health Tech — one of the key thematic areas of the event. GDTT booth was set up to showcase how the company incorporates innovation and digital technologies to deliver high-quality health and wellbeing services. With Good Doctor Technology, people across Southeast Asia enjoy affordable, high quality, quick and convenient access to health services at the touch of a button.

Given the Techsauce focus on the audience of tech savvy professionals from around the world, the GDTT booth highlighted the company's efforts in building a wide network of partners to offer innovative healthcare solutions that augment and transform healthcare services for the populations they are serving across Southeast Asia. The company already has best-in-class technologies to support doctors while maintaining high quality virtual care standards regardless of patient load. On this solid foundation Good Doctor Technology Thailand is building a healthcare ecosystem by bringing together stakeholders, including doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, insurers and B2B corporations to serve patients seamlessly and easily. With this unique approach and value propositions GDTT becomes a partner of choice for organisations across various sectors. 

Earlier this year GDTT strengthened its B2B proposition by launching its Healthcare Software as a Service (HSaaS) proposition — plug-in solutions for mobile and web-based platforms. As part of the HSaaS model, GDTT can host its telemedicine and digital health services directly within their partners’ platform ecosystem. By enabling platform owners to seamlessly add GDTT’s telemedicine functionalities to their own mobile or web-based platforms, GDTT also plans to further enhance their partner service offering with a full suite of integrated B2B solutions. Among them will include a self-serve portal and B2B benefits management, which allow business clients to manage their own accounts — for example, change service providers, adjust types of coverage or update the employees’ information. This will provide companies with the ability to customise flexible sets of benefits for different types of users, allowing them to onboard more people while maximising time and cost efficiencies. 

Apart from optimising the corporate partners’ healthcare budgets, GDTT has other ambitious goals — the company is committed to keeping people healthy, not just treating sickness. With an aim to transform the health management experience to empower people to take charge of their own health, the company is developing a whole new suite of “digital concierge” services for patients and doctors. This project, which is on its way to be launched later this year, will function as an extension of the consultation, where the follow up customised plan is created digitally by the doctor who consulted the patient. Instead of having a nurse checking in with the patient for follow-up treatment, the guiding instructions and the vital signs information will be stored within the app, and made available to the doctor for the next consultation. 

“These new product features represent our commitment to constant innovation in healthcare. They combine a highly customisable set of telemedicine consultation services in different specialty areas, starting from the very salient issue of mental health, to nutrition, fertility and non-communicable diseases,” said Gao Li, Good Doctor Technology Thailand’s Acting Country Head. He adds, “With the launch of our new suites of digital services, GDTT will become more than the online doctor people consult with when they get sick and require medication. Instead it will be a 360 degrees health management platform to help people regain control of their health status and stay healthy. By effectively combining personalised health management programmes with ongoing supervision and recommendations from our full-time in-house doctors, we can create meaningful solutions which address the needs of modern patients in an unprecedented way.”

“We believe that the future of healthcare lies in the effectiveness of continuous management in people's lives, and unlocking more digital technologies will be instrumental to helping us reach this goal. By forging more partnerships with like-minded industry leaders across the healthcare ecosystem, we can continue to bring our regional expertise in digital health innovations into Thailand to support the further advancement of telemedicine uses in the Kingdom,” added Melvin Vu, Good Doctor Technology’s Regional CEO. 

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