Zenas Technology unveils intelligent fitness devices for tech-savvy health enthusiasts

Zenas Technology unveils intelligent fitness devices for tech-savvy health enthusiasts

With artificial intelligence (AI) technology, professional athletes and health enthusiasts now can improve the efficiency of their exercise routines like never before. Zenas Technology Co Ltd, aware of the potential in this market, offers a wide range of innovative fitness products imported from Europe and the United States.

The company, with 28 years of experience, recently unveiled a selection of advanced exercise equipment that is the result of internationally certified research, at the Asia Fitness Conference 2022, held at the BITEC exhibition centre in Bangkok. The event was participated by innovation owners, executives and famous fitness coaches.

Mr Arkom Natworathada, CEO of Zenas Technology, said, “Fitness trends are changing as exercise equipment has become ‘more intelligent’. Sports science is united with AI to build much better fitness products. In the meantime, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many fitness lovers to look for new options that allow social distancing and privacy, with fitness coaching available remotely.”

“Today’s exercise machines must work in two ways. They have to adopt the principle of sports biomechanics, so they can monitor the force, speed, angle and distance to help improve the exercise efficiency. And they must also serve as a tool to help with training and teaching trainers.” 

“Sintesi combines all the gym equipment into one machine, with a good selection of smart and versatile settings,” Mr Arkom said.

The CEO pointed out that when the desired program is set, the machine’s smart and versatile AI system will monitor to help the user perform correct exercise postures. The system will also analyse and optimise the force that the body has to bear, in order to ensure maximum efficiency of the exercise. Moreover, the system collects data for analysis of the user’s physical development and for research purposes. The device also has a Virtual Trainer to assist the user.

An important feature unavailable in Sintesi’s competition is that it keeps updating itself on research findings related to exercising and fitness. That means the Sintesi machine will never become outdated, according to Mr Arkom.

“This device is built for not only professional athletes but also ordinary health enthusiasts, including the elderly and those who are ill or injured. Everyone can use this exercise machine to restore the strength of their body and muscles,” he said.

Mr Alessandro Englaro, CEO and co-founder of Akuis Tech, is the person behind this innovative technology. He has a background in aviation, mechanical and electrical engineering, and he once worked in a Ferrari development team.

Sintesi was designed and developed with his knowledge in those fields coupled with fitness technology. Before the product was marketed, it was tested by professional athletes who gave impressive reviews. 

The product has won several international recognitions, including Archiproducts Design Awards 2021 from Italy and FIBO Innovation & Trend Award from Germany, according to Mr Englaro.

Zenas Technology also launched the YoRoller portable training device that can be used anywhere, even in outer space. NASA, SpaceX and Blue Origin took this product along during their space trips. Also unveiled at the event was VO2 Master, a device for analysing breathing efficiency that can be used with a mobile application. It is used by world-class football clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea. 

TecnoBody, a European giant in innovative products, showcased its small ‘homing’ devices that help with fitness training through 3D goggles and mobile applications.

Tobii Pro eyeglasses can analyse the wearer’s movements wirelessly and can work with a variety of software. With brain wave analysis, Tobii eye-tracking system is capable of evaluating the consumer’s visual focus and interest. It can also be used to help reduce factory accidents and train autistic patients.

One of the guests at the event was sports scientist Alphat “Mickey” Na Pomphet, who tested some of the intelligent fitness products himself.

For further information on Zenas Technology products, visit its website www.zenastechnology.com and Instagram account Zenastechnology.

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