"depa" joins hands to revive Thailand’s tourism after COVID-19

"depa" joins hands to revive Thailand’s tourism after COVID-19

Encourages private sectors to develop digital platforms responding to tourists’ needs

depa continues to support the private sector to develop Safe T Travel, a Thailand platform that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) technology and big data to analyse tourists’ preferences and travel demands. The platform will supply comprehensive tourism information in digital content form that meets tourists’ needs, both groups and individuals. Tourists can make advance bookings and payment via QueQ Application. The development of this online platform creates business opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs, strengthens business sectors, and stimulates Thailand’s tourism for post COVID-19 recovery.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President/CEO of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, or depa, shared that, “The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak halted many economic activities. The outbreak altered the world’s population, including Thai people’s lifestyles, behaviours and livelihoods. Digital technologies became a key focus integrated in all dimensions of our everyday life, including studying, working, doing businesss, shopping and tourism. Despite the fact that the situation is on track towards a new normal where businesses are ready to provide full services again, consumers have been facing overwhelming data concerns. Therefore, depa, a government agency, has to accelerate the development of digital services for citizens and tourists. This is done by collecting verified information, which then will be processed and presented using digital technology which will help tourists make more accurate decisions. Correspondingly, digital technology helps stimulate qualitative tourism along with uplifting Thailand’s tourism sector.”

Accordingly, depa has supported Safe T Travel Co., Ltd., a Thai digital platform service provider, to implement Digital Food Tourism Project. The project has developed a digital platform with AI called “Safe T Travel” (Multi Food Tourism Platform) which provides tourism related information, ranging from accommodation, transportation and restaurants to local guides, activities, souvenir shops, and self-care locations. Tourists can make advance bookings and payments via QueQ Application, another partner in this collaborative project. Besides being used in restaurants, the online service can be used at tourist attractions and national parks. Moreover, the QueQ Application provides services such as notifying tourists when booking time is approaching. The Application helps reduce density in high demand areas, handles unlimited users, and benefits restaurants and Thailand tourism.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nuttapon said that, “Safe T Travel has been developed to be a guiding tool for dining and a one-stop service for travel. The target group is quality tourists with unique travelling styles. The platform can comprehensively respond to differentiation using AI technology to analyse individual and group preferences before processing and getting data from travel databases. This one-stop service platform can ease tourists’ decision-making while providing an alternative for Thai tourism operators to reach their customers. As the platform gives opportunities to Thai entrepreneurs of all sizes to publicise their businesses in the form of digital content. The advertised content will be reached by all tourists, Thai and foreigners, individuals or group tours.”

“depa will support with knowledge development for entrepreneurs who lack skills and understanding in applying digital technology to create digital content about their businesses. This is to facilitate Thai businesses to expose themselves and create a wider ranging tourist perceptions.”

“This traveling digital platform has been developed by Thai people. The platform will enhance trust among tourists in using services that are safe and in meeting standards. It brings opportunities for getting new groups of tourists and offers dispersal of visits to secondary cities. As such, it will be a source of income for various communities in Thailand. depa estimates that more than 10,000 entrepreneurs will join the platfor as it will increase their business competitiveness while also creating added value in the tourism industry, reducing dependence on foreign platforms, and helping transform the country's economy towards the next phase of the digital economy and society,” concluded depa’s President/CEO.

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