Krungthai showcases Thailand’s digital potential at APEC CEO Summit 2022

Krungthai showcases Thailand’s digital potential at APEC CEO Summit 2022

As a leading commercial bank at the forefront of Thailand’s digital banking, Krungthai Bank showcased its potential to help develop Thailand’s digital infrastructure at the APEC CEO Summit Thailand 2022, the most influential meeting of business and government leaders in the Asia Pacific which provided opportunities for CEOs and top business executives to engage in dialogue with APEC Leaders to build economic, societal, and environmental development in the region.

On stage at the APEC CEO Summit together with Mr. Jason Chen, CEO and Chairman, Acer Inc., a world-leading hardware corporation, Mr. Payong Srivanich, President and CEO, Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited, gave a talk on “Digitalization and the Next Normal” saying: “Krungthai set up a strategy to support digital disruption since before the Covid-19 crisis as we aimed to increase operational efficiency, create equality in society, and respond to customers and stakeholders with reasonable cost. Banking will not be our main activity under the future direction. Rather, we will seek to support and facilitate routine life and businesses by developing the ‘Pao Tang’ application into Thailand’s open digital platform that provide services in 5 main ecosystems – payment, which is basic banking activities; government, which is connected to public, private and citizen sectors; health; education; and public transportation.”

Mr. Payong said the APEC CEO Summit was an important platform to showcase Thailand’s digital infrastructure development, especially the success of its financial innovation that is quickly leading to a cashless society and truly digital economy.

“Krungthai is committed to driving digital infrastructure and linking payment systems to regional areas so that Thai businesses can connect to global trade under the framework of ESG [Environment, Social, Governance] and the UN’s SDGs [Sustainable Development Goals],” he said.

Krungthai presented fabric shopping bag garlands made from recycled plastic bottles as souvenirs to attendees. The garlands featured sea turtle patterns, wooden beads and craft flowers and were packaged in recycled plastic boxes that degrade naturally, which is consistent with the concept of zero waste and in line with Krungthai’s vision to grow together with Thailand towards sustainability.

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